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Understanding Postmodernism

Lauren Southern

thinking, today's xah talk show is gonna be about Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, or YouTube personalities. Yesterday, there's a issue. That ends up me deleting my live stream.

here's the issue. If i talk about sj pol topic, some may not agree, quickly all taboo words will appear in comment; i can't address sans these words. Normally, no problem for me, as i love to argue. but Google censorship will ban me. That's the problem.

don't forget, usa gov NED send at least $771k to Liu Xaobo since 2004. CIA send $1.7M to Tibet with Tibet soldiers trained in Colorado, and dropping weapons to Tibet in 1960s. Am not surprised China ban US sites.

不要忘记,美国NED从2004给刘晓波寄了 771k 美金。CIA从1960年代给西藏寄了 1.7M 美金。还在Colorado州训练了西藏人,跳伞放回西藏,还投了武器。都是公开了的信息。

Liu Xiaobo, NED, CIA, USA Support

Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama


li ao on tibet 2rshv
li ao on tibet

美国youtube上也有很多,只要搜寻 cia tibet. 美国自己的纪录片

cia tibet youtube 2019-05-22 w6dz7
cia tibet youtube 2019-05-22 w6dz7

刘晓波受钱的事情,杀杀有报告。 here's record of us sending money to china rebel

Liu Xiaobo 2019-05-22 sqjsc
Liu Xiaobo 2019-05-22 sqjsc



Fredrick Brennan

screenshot 2019-05-21 n6jnt
screenshot 2019-05-21 n6jnt

unborn philosophy! this is somewhat common during i think 90s. I think Richard Stallman also thought along this line.

looks like Vice Reporters and Film Crew broke Into Home of 8Chan Owner Vice is part of the sjgang. also, i learned and looked into recently, there is this “rationalwiki”, also now part of sjgang

i've talked about how post modernism is the philosophy of winning by all means. this photo of sj tenet is a example. this one, is a technique to get ALL involved. It forces people to take a side. the sign says: “white silence = violence”

when you want to change people's opinion, especially when radical, there's the problem of many won't be involved. That above, solves this problem. It says, if you don't get involved, you are the problem.

taiwan is a country that, whatever us is doing, it is doing. meanwhile, it says it uphold traditional chinese values. … of couse, taiwan is one of the base of us in asia. it buys weapons from us.

audrey tang gay 2019-05-17 nyztr
audrey tang gay 2019-05-17 nyztr

the guy 唐鳳 is one of the best perl n haskell coder. back in ~2006, he wrote the 1st perl6 compiler in haskell. then, he changed sex to female.

he is a sort of prodigy. he also heavily pushes for “autodidactism”. apparently, he became a politician in taiwan in 2016.

the politics of taiwan, have always been heavily controlled by us. though, since china made atom bomb, and since china became a major power ~2008, usa buys china far more than taiwan. tw is now just a base for emergency.

this vid … its content/style, is typical of taiwan's political talk show/news. tw is very self conscious, insecure bout how the world look at tw, obsessed about 'knowledge', constantly quote from historical greats of the world.


觉得台湾跟香港差不多,是继母产生的一种人格压力。中国人,吃洋奶长大。心里有伤。加上大陆共产1950 - 1990 不争气,政治乱搞,人民穷破。

video about joy villa, and scientology

McKinney shooting 2019-05-16 wyvz5
McKinney shooting 2019-05-16
McKinney shooting 2019-05-16 2nwdk
McKinney shooting 2019-05-16

was going to retweet this guy. saw the post from my @ergoemacs account. but just noticed am blocked. lol.

Al Sweigart twitter 2019-05-15 w6sqs
Al Sweigart twitter 2019-05-15 w6sqs

most american don't know this. a sad story

Tulsi Gabbard

been digging into youtube teen stuff in past months. drama fuels them. and drama, is fueled by female. more specifically, girls.

drama is such a incredible thing. it fuels human activity. it fills time. talking points.

today's things r so diverse, that if u don't look into you never know. millions of communities, each with millions of people. this james charles thing, is in the 'beauty community'. or, young youtube stars commu.

james charles 2019-05-12 n2dqh
james charles 2019-05-12 n2dqh

of a drama incident, when u not in the community, it usually take hours to understand what's going on. communities example: emacs, linux, makeup, celebs, gaming, youtube, pol, etc.

am deep into this drama. fascinating. it's like, whenever am at market checkout, i stare at the gossip mag covers while in line. and think deep thoughts about the universe.

am gonna show you some of the YouTube vids on this. here's one of the video on this gossip. there are tons.

The TRUTH About JAMES CHARLES / Tati, Sister Squad, Racism, Tour
by Adam Mcintyre
Published on May 11, 2019

on YouTube, apparently, the girls makeup community, called “beauty community”, is one of the the largest. perhaps even larger than gaming community, and i think it's definitely larger than political community. teen girls, they spread things.

each of these beauty gurus, they have millions of followers on YouTube. they do makeup all day, day and night. the women things, makeup and oil stuff, are probably one the the biggest commercial scam. about protecting skin, etc. women live in it.

interestingly, 2 of the MOST popular beauty stars, bigger than any female i think, are guys. James Charles, and Jeffrey Stars. They are gay. each have some 14 million followers. women. They do makeup all day.

women things, makeup products, seems to me a billions money scam. Women cling to them. I think it's comparable to pn industry. Both are based on sex. A primitive urge. i wonder if beauty industry is actually bigger than pn industry.

so, beauty industry is $445 billion. pn industry is $4 to $14 billion.

teen girls drama 2019-05-14 9fz38-2
teen girls drama 2019-05-14 9fz38-2

[The Peculiar Blindness of Experts. Credentialed authorities are comically bad at predicting the future. But reliable forecasting is possible. By David Epstein. At ]

co2 per capita world map 2016 rpk7v-s250
Carbon Dioxide Emission Per Capita World Map 2016

Ben Shapiro

if you don't know, 100k YouTube view makes you about $100. in general. Same for website.

instagram vs reality … this is ancient news. been talked about n exposed for at least 10 years.

what's karen straughan talking about in this video jim? jim who? what incident?

there is a thing bear mace

bear mace

modern celebrities. this is what degenerate means. like, the fobs you see in hunger games.

nicki minaj pink pig 2019-05-07 sm64q
nicki minaj pink pig 2019-05-07 sm64q
nicki minaj pink pig 2019-05-07 f9mpx
nicki minaj pink pig 2019-05-07 f9mpx

look and listen to the professional commentators. the vacuity.

nicki minaj queen album 2019-05-07 rsgh5
nicki minaj queen album 2019-05-07 rsgh5

celebrity of milen gen wom. skin is cheap, devoid of value. confused. denies beauty. ashamed of appearing ugly. fear sex. scared. blaming men. hope to covering up face. goalless. angry. unstable. need authority.

xah youtube list

that's your biased definition of capitalism. e.g., American Heritage Dict define it as: “economic system in which investment in and ownership of …”. Merriam Webster: “economic system characterized by private or …” Wikipedia: “economic system based on the private ownership…”

i agree with many of your characterization of the success of usa being abusive and luck. But also, part of the success i think is due to capitalism, as an economic system. Namely, self interest based, as opposed to morality based.

the point about capitalism, is that it's a economic system. Basically, self interest based free trade between persons. Abuse, greed, may be inherent part of it or as result, but is secondary, and in fact getting into theory and philosophy. , i saw this tweet from your retweet posted by . it says rockets fired from Gaza to Israel. But the truth seems to be Ukraine Please be careful of retweets.

Brittany Pettibone

Brittany Pettibone i've also followed and observed since 2016. She is a good person. Conservative pol view. The sjgang is smearing her day and night.

another person Trump has retweeted is . I've been following her since 2017 or so. I learned from her the origin of “fakenews” jargon. She is a great investigative journalist. Her focus is more serious pol issues, not culture war stuff like lgbtqwxyz.

in the war of tr vs fem, the latter is losing.

it's not really a genuine change of political views. it's the sjgang, as in china's cultural revolution.

Trump Lauren Southern 2019-05-03 cc9jk
Trump Lauren Southern 2019-05-03 cc9jk

Lauren Southern is a girl who really tried to do what she think is right and has suffered costs to herself. Her videos offered thoughtfulness and hardwork.

Paul Joseph Watson is more a opportunist who yap political hot buttons.

pay 6.5 million to get into Stanford University.

after 10 years, finally 1 presentable pic of Yosun. 😂 and she's like, probably diss n despise my tweet, like, am far beneath her.

if u no know, she's the king of all things virtual reality. she's the sole ceo of everything smart phone. she won awards of every hacking competition. She is alone. Nothing but herself. And, she's asexual.

due to similarity, i've known quite a lot weird guys in past 20 years, and aloof personalities in programing sphere. they r my acquaintances. between us, there's unsaid competition of, who's the more aloof genius. ya'll beneath me.

walkaway campaign 2019-05-02 snygs
walkaway campaign 2019-05-02

may4th god, china are posting about this day and night for the past 2 days. It means, it's really, really serious. stability. meanwhile, new york times chinese version, hacker news etc, are propagandaing their own stuff on china daily. lol.