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this is true. actually, hate crimes basically don't exist. It is the sj nutjobs created them. I'd go further beyond the typical American arguments. The very concept of hate crime, creates more of it. If there's no law whatsoever about it, there'll be less of so-called hate crime.

by the way, andy ngo has done a lot report on fake hate crime. Especially those spread like a craze in 2017. example:

glenn greenwald is annoying. on serious world political issues, he does excellent truth digging. but on cultural or social issues, he likes to push his opinion, sometimes attacking others.

not easily bought off, yes, i agree. but i was thinking he like to push his opinions, on matters like gay, islam. i heard that Sam Harris claimed that Glenn attacked him and lies about the issue. I haven't looked into in detail, but i tend to believe Sam on this issue specifically. (Sam Harris, i think also is a nutjob. Very argumentative, as in lack of confidence from his childhood, seeking one-up-manship)

active denial system, basically a crowd dispersing weapon, by firing 95 GHz waves (wavelength of 3.2 mm.) basically burn human animal's skin. long-term effect is not known.

it seems one of the supposed danger of 5G, is that it needs to have much more cell towers to work, due to shorter wavelength, and these towers can emit the same kinda wave as active denial system's heat ray.

twitter censorship

screenshot 2019-03-30 59gmv
screenshot 2019-03-30 59gmv

i thought this is not playing in siliccon valley, like the movie last year. but lol, it is actually playing right now, at AMC besides highway 101, Santa Clara.

Unplanned Official Trailer - In Theaters March 29

Unplanned, movie trailer. apparently popular. 1.4 million views. i learned since 2017 that Planned Parenthood is a corrupt org (1.3 billion yearly revenue, half from gov). Full name is Planned Parenthood Federation of America, Inc. (tax free)

since 2017 the trump and social justice gang chaos, i learned quite a lot about corruption of Democratic Party and associated orgs. Billion dollars money game. funny i never knew any of it, 30 years living in Silicon Valley. I was all pro green and progressive stuff.

note that some of these giant corrupt orgs, they began good, several generations ago, such as Southern Poverty Law Center, and Planned Parenthood. (PeTA is also extremely corrupt greedy gang, but i don't know they actually began good) Google is a good example of gone rotten.

the reason i didn't know about these org's nature before is very simple. you never spend 1 hour in your life to look into their history, deeds. True for vast majority of people. Life is busy, you worry about only yourself. Once you spend just 1 hour to look into, things may unravel.

this is awesome!! 3 girls with maga hat dancing and singing wall song. and, in Portland!

The “swatting” phenomenon, indicates a generation that life's too comfy, got nothing to do. The milen gen. “Tyler” R Barriss. 20 years for man behind hoax call that led to fatal shooting

大家注意。这个旗 🇨🇳 ,从 1949 到 1979,30 年看不见天。不要大惊小怪。 Note, it's no big deal. This flag 🇨🇳, is censored in USA and UN for 30 years.

am not seeing these kinda things in usa anymore. but seeing them in china everyday. i mean, innovation.

human taxi drone.

is it just me in my biased info searching? or is it true in general? and on twitter, it's all pol and fakenews and lgbtqwxyz.

mastodon friends nico close 2019-03-28 3vwgg
mastodon friends nico close 2019-03-28 3vwgg

poor mastodon, the latest pipedream of open source fanatics. “one of Japan's large Mastodon servers,, will be shut down after a month. is the third largest server in Japan, with about 48,000 users. It was the sixth largest in the world.”

Email LEAK Shows Jussie Smollett COVER UP, FBI GETS INVOLVED!

procrastinate. todo read.

great life story and photos! seems your story is similar to mine. i arrived in usa (California) at age 21 in 1989 (from Canada). Was born in Taiwan, left at age 14. Have a great trip back to China.

saw “The Jimmy Dore Show” a few times on youtube. Never liked it a bit.

there r quite a lot so called right wing show on youtube. basically, i don't like them all. They are basically common idiots (Joe Rogan) or, teen no brains eg ShoeOnHead, Tim Pool, Lauren Southern, laci green. even sargon akkad. Some are cute. in other words, they are not scholars.

Except, almost only 2: Jordan Peterson, and Camille Paglia. They, got depth. Camille i admired since 90s. Jordan is new. My top say 5 western book author or person i admire the most are: Bertrand Russell, Camille Paglia, Jordan Peterson, Thomas Sowell

Sargon Akkad, is a mediocre man. a typical nerd turned ★. Ben Shapiro mediocre too, a lil' mouse of traditional conservative bent. Sam Harris is a one-trick pony, reciting anti-god points of thousands years old. Milo Yiap is literally a witty gay with vivacious gaiety.

David Rubin is a normal gay, doing a good job of interviewing. (and not pretentious and not claiming things) Tim Tool is a brainless man who keeps emphasizing his brainlessness, doing us news reports that ceased to exist from money corps.

all these YouTube personalities, they have 1 thing in common. They can talk, like lead reporter in news money orgs. But nothing much else.

Bret Weinstein is a effete academic. Expert on biology, nothing else. don't even know what's going on in the world, but he think he does. His brother, Eric, is much worse, and PRETENTIOUS. By the way, of course, i support them. Much of these people became ★s, because the social justice gang has lowered the gate. It's not about expertise or knowledge, but fighting gangsters.

lol. Michael Avenatti got arrested. for attempting to extort more than $20 million from Nike. ok, so he's the guy who defended porstar Stormy Daniels against Trump. i didn't know till i saw his name and face in this vid

this one is so funny. i don't even know what it is about, except something bout muller no indiction. lol. this is a bombshell, the beginning of an end. (compilation of news media says Trump's gonna fall, with key phrase of “tipping point” and “beginning of an end” )

Rachel Maddow makes 10m/year. it seem to me, these reporters, their job is a show, n they've become a reality show actor. they act while reporting, including spontaneous tears on cue, as easy as you eat pie.

omg, girls, everyday with their heart ♥ sign. what's wrong with them? 😻

here's story of pewdiepie, as told by wikip PewDiePie

quite interesting. he's the most subscribed youtuber, with 90 million followers. Note, MOST. Meaning, more than any pop super stars. Apparently, he began popularity by playing games live.

youtuber ranking 2019-03-20 85jf6
youtuber ranking 2019-03-20 85jf6

Apocalypse Now, Ride of the Valkyries

lol, timcast now is doing “When The GIANT Asteroid Comes To Wipe Us Out, How Can We Stop It?!” apparently, he's becoming too pop, ran out of pol topics listening to tim on science matters is like healthy BigMac

Christchurch New Zealand shooting 2019-03-15 g2bww
Christchurch New Zealand shooting 2019-03-15 [Shitposting, Inspirational Terrorism, and the Christchurch Mosque Massacre By Robert Evans. At ]
Southern Poverty 2019-03-14 wg8xg
Southern Poverty 2019-03-14 wg8xg

how do i see the chat? where?

stupid youtube

the supreme emacs system

fuck Google

i no see any live stream, but apparently i am.

usually, i goto YouTube , then click start stream. but today, i didn't, just to experiment.

and fuck Google

might have to start over again

now dj, please change a song.

now look at those girls. WHAT are they doing?? lol, dj!

anaconda. what a stupid name. idiotic.

and look.

this is what american has come to. depravity. i rather watch hardcore porn directly

here's to depravity, and good health.

am rather displased by these ass chicks

you see, american, watch these shit.

now, let's change a channel.

change a channel! fuck you with ya ass.

ok, need to find the song. minaj

now goto my music blog. search minaj

there it is

Nicki Minaj ♪ Lookin Ass

now i like this song.

smoothes my soul.

look chat ass nigga nigga. lol

now let me give you my xah analysis.

you see, this is america.

this song, is all about ass and niggars.

now, according to the official account, it's about, how, something, about, how, men is agrressive, so this is a “protest”. lol LOL

you see those asses? ass and tits? but, this is about feminism or something. and , the lyrics, is full of niggas.

how much she makes? billions. some' like that.

oh, machine gun. yah!

why is it not saying xahlee streaming live?

unsure and uncertain.


the state of affairs, is uncertain.

we lost certainty.

and perhaps, this is the end. The end, of this stream.

was gonna go on a talk show. but the talk no show. and was gonna talk about smoking, and quick smoking, and and and and and the e cig or vape. and stuff. but i guess that'll be it for the day. and let's see it'll show up on my YouTube stream.

these fingers, can still type.

ok. bye.

twitter fybh3264 2019-03-06 c2qwv
twitter fybh3264 2019-03-06 c2qwv

am 1 hour into this. Tim Pool @Timcast is spectacular. Thank you Tim for doing this.

The video is about twitter censorship towards US Conservatives.

Joe Rogan Experience #1258 - Jack Dorsey, Vijaya Gadde and Tim Pool

was afraid Tim might not perform, but he's spectacular, and laid out all the issues clearly. Jack and his ban team leader Vijaya explained their view, accepted some points about twitter biased against conservatives, but seems they honestly are trying to do better.

Joe Rogan, to me, finally don't appear like a total idiot. (most points brought about by Joe here i agree) But Tim kept saying he just sees dystopia coming.

it's hard to make any decisive comment on the whole. It involves corporatism, complex social issues, politicians, leftist academia, activist groups, tech progressing faster than we can understand, and nobody can say for sure what's the answer.

I still mistrust twitter. I think the whole “safe space” practice should not be there. Overall, i think there's still hope.

Joe Rogan and Tim Pool are not intellectuals. They don't know nothing about philosophy, history, sciences, tech. Joe may have specific keep-quite tactic that made his success (so are talk show hosts). but am always turned off by him, always making uninformed and stupid comments.

i have complaints about Tim, but on the whole, he is a expert about so called culture war and did a lot real hard on-the-ground journalism for years (i despise the word journalism. prefer just Reporter.). (i've watched tons of his vids, average maybe 20 min a day since 2017 April)

i find Tim Pool's insistence of being a centralist and his petty views on morality annoying, but overall, i do now kinda rely on him for say weekly summary of culture war happening. (taking into my account of me being extremely selective in what i hear stuff from)

Expensive Batteries vs Cheap Batteries!
Freakin' Reviews
Published on Dec 2, 2018

Spielberg = master of propaganda

i liken Spielberg to what's his name that nzGerman cinema guy. The master of propaganda.

Captain Mavel, Brie Larson

captain mavel brie larson 2019-03-02 vzqn8
captain mavel brie larson 2019-03-02
captain mavel 2019-03-02 tbnk2
captain mavel 2019-03-02 tbnk2

The Gavin McInnes Character

watched this whole 3 hours yesterday Joe Rogan Experience #710 - Gavin McInnes

Gavin McInnes, is a slick guy. after watching this video, my opinion of him went down a notch. (i've watched about 6 of his other videos before) overall, he's smooth and devious, can't be trusted. A typical salesman qualities. his opinions, some are just whacky.

Gavin McInnes believes drinking driving is fine. i also believed it's fine when younger. (i don't drink, maybe once a year)

Gavin McInnes is always very funny+blunt. half in the show, he is drunk. he holds mostly very traditional north american views. he's often intentionally demeaning to others, and you don't know if he's joking. (still, he's morally better than today's sjgang)

when a nerd (you) deal with slick guy like Gavin, often, they may take advantage of your social ineptness. Saleman types, they probe during social interactions, and they morph their personality. if you are socially inept, they may push further to encroach your self esteem.

note that,most people's personality,r more close to saleman than nerds。Some,when they deal with socially inept nerds,they encroach ur space,or insult u。Some,really ∵ they don't know what else to do。They think insulting u is what u like。They r trying to create interactions.