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Alex Jones Skum

streaming on YouTube

2019-02-27 start another streaming. San Francisco time 7:00 am (about 2 hours from now). come join me, ask questions. The default topic is, i talk about things on youtube. basically, my talk show is perceiving the world from a nerd, me, philosophy of it.

you can ask me any category of things that i blog about, e.g. look at Xah Lee Web 李杀网 or else. been doing vid for several months now. got a hang of it. getting better in my articulation, mannerism, putting my thoughts into your brain!

when you do video and watch it yourself, you learn things about yourself. especially if you are nerd type, or introvert. and as engineer type, you take it as a engineering problem and can improve it, almost better than anyone. it's a question of whether you want to, cost etc all things considered.

Trump and Kim meetup

although i can't quite comment on the political and historical significance really with respect to history and world harmony, but this is rather incredible.

Trump and Kim meetup

teen age YouTube stars fuck

there's a youtube star, Paul Logan. He, is a epitome of a character i despise. though, it's hard to describe why. Am gonna think about it. Basically, he's teen idiot that uses drama to propel to stardom.

there are also many females like that. the iJustine and today i saw some TANA MONGEAU character. but they are girls, so it's ok.

it's hard to put down exactly why i despise paul logan. i think it's because, it's trash rewarded by society. i want a society where those who becomes rich are due to talent, hardwork, and being good.

i first heard of Paul Logan in 2017 due to his video controversy of visiting a suicide spot and run into a hang'd man. by the way, i find absolutely nothing wrong with his video there. I think the americans who attacked him should die.

in modern society, especially with sjgang rise since 2010 or so, and actually beginning in 90s (in USA), perception of morality or ethics, is pretty much shaped by corporations.

the Paul Logan run into japan suicide video incident, if he did not apologize, i would have respected him more.

still, hard to describe why i despise the guy. first of all, note, he's not a bad guy. e.g. gangstars, criminals, politicians, scammers, priests, are obviously far worse. what's wrong with a teen pretty idiot selling drama? note, hollywood stars are pretty much the same.

ok, maybe that's it. Paul Logan, is the condensed illustration of trash hollywood problem. he doesn't sing, doesn't act (before), not any particular talent or performance, pretty much he sells trash pretty face entertainment in the purest form at teen age.

in contrast, for comparison let's say joe rogan. Joe is a idiot, and is also a youtube ★, a talkshow ★. but joe, is old adult, he's doing that to make bread for his family. while paul logan, is brash trash eating from his parents and doing shit.

paul logan is made into a ★ by people, mostly teens. and that's a incredible phenomenon. it means, these people's lifes are too comfy, got nothing to do all day.

you've got hundred millions of people, who's lives are so wasted that they need to watch some prank to past time. anything else entertainment they've already above it.

i've scan'd maybe 2 of pewdiepie's video. not sure what he's about, but i don't think i like him neither. basically, pretty face doing shit

James Woods' monologue from Pretty Persuasion

not sure what's this, but lol.

James Woods' monologue from Pretty Persuasion

5G Is The Future And That Is Frightening? from the weAreChange guy. Never liked his video much. he's into the conspiracy aspects. Some are just idiotic too much into that.

Jussie Smollet Fake Hate Crime

Xah Monologue Talk Show 2019-02-15

Xah Monologue Talk Show 2019-02-15

xah monologue talk show. when u r at ease, u have power. On exponential growth, futurology, intelligent animals, eating animals, Wikipedia, Artificial Intelligence, AlphaZero, euphemism, iphone, Steve Jobs, history of swords, cross-eyed PHILOSOPHY.

skums on twitter

twitter xah bobathon 2019-02-15 6fhkv
twitter xah bobathon 2019-02-15 6fhkv

i followed tim for 2 years now. i don't think he discuss global warming or science issues. i recall once he mentioned global warming in passing, and he's opinion on it is simply he doesn't know. That's not a topic he covers.

Megyn Kelly Blackface

Megyn Kelly

twitter retweet don't show

i noticed, sine last year, if you retweet a older tweet (say from 1 year ago), twitter may not show it to others. i know because i have another account, and don't see it. twitter skum.

Joe Rogan Experience #1242 - Tim Pool

Joe Rogan talking with Sam Harris

Joe Rogan Experience #1241 - Sam Harris

i enjoyed this video so much.

it's 2 hours and 40 min long, and i'm only 1 hour into it, but enjoyed every minutue, especially when Sam discuss payment models in digital future.

pornhub on YouTube 2019-02-08 43b26
pornhub on YouTube 2019-02-08 43b26

was recording a video but part of my screen showed my blog containing the word “pornhub”. god, got frustrated, cuz it means i have to spend hours to learn video editing, or ditch the recording. then, i went to YouTube and see to what degree that means ban. ok, seems ok.

successful videos, usually mean lots editing. that's something i no wanna do. scripted, fake, all prettified in our modern commercialized world. why they edit? of course, to make it nice 4 u, the watcher. Actually the most basic reason is $. Without, see if they do a shit 4 u.

pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y
pornhub chinese new year 2019-02-05 3mn3y

pornhub celebrating chinese new year. i've been watching n observing p since late 1980s when teen. there r so much today. u find young pretty girls in droves doing it. i realised, if society is without law restrictions, p and prost is a natural state, sans any force.

small and frequent posts like microblogging

lots update. been using this blog for small post like on twitter. but often hesitated in making it into rss.

i'm not sure many are still using rss. The second thing is, because i'm posting just a few sentences, the the way using micro blogging sit, usually they may not make sense, yet i still have some sense of writing full blog. So, sometimes i wait and fill in info later, then i post to rss. But, that often just doesn't happen.

also, am posting lots snippets because, i want all my posts on twitter etc to have a copy on my site. That is, my site is main, twitter and other fucks may go off anytime, like google plus etc did.

so, anyway, that's why lots of small randomish posts, and that's why i haven't been updating the rss part.

anyway, know you know. might check at Periodic Dosage Periodic Dosage for the full.

The Jack Dorsey guy (twitter etc boss), in my book is unforgivable skumbag of high order. At this point, it'd be hard to find any evidence to convince me otherwise.

Sam Harris interviewing Jack Dorsey, is interesting. Knowing Sam Harris, i don't think anything he or the conversation says would change my opinion about Jack. Sam, is a selfish type of fellow. What he does is foremost promote himself. Still a good guy in my view. But, still.

this woman, abused 10 years old girl, pn film ★, now in jail, lots of these virtuous cry people turns out to be rappers or pd bear @CGTNOfficial ICYMI #SpringFestivalGala🎥 video: Chinese actors Li Yifeng and Zhu Yilong joined dunk teams from Slovenia and Hungary to bring a creative program at the 2019 #SpringFestival Gala


pretty boys, funking up, to celebrate chinese year year on TV. i've always despised those young pop cool fks. the likes of nsync (then) and Justin Bieber (then). (not, Billy Idol for example, cuz he's not pretty face nor mainstream type)

and note the Chinese cheerleaders doing fancy acrobats. acrobats has long history in china, but cheerleaders does not exist in China. It's uniquely a American thing. But they put on a good show. Indeed, a show, that's what people want to see, what you want to see.

incredible deed by Dave Rubin and Jordanb Peterson , where they deleted their patron accounts, that's with tens of thousands dollars per month income.

what happened to boxxy

gamer community, overwatch

spend some 8 hours watching overwatch related stuff in past days, including, wached over a thousand overwatch porn. getting into the pants of gamer community. gaming community, is a subculture. subculture, has its own lores, jargons, legends.

Anshe Chung business week 20060501

i spent 4 years in Second Life community, lived in it, 2007 to 2011. The stories, lore, jargon, attitudes, behavior, statistics, history, is many book's length.

Xah Second Life


before that, i spent a year in artist/drawing community, example: livejournal, deviant art. you get to know what these people are, what they do, what their life is like, their artwork, etc. here's example collection:

Batgirl Drawing Craze Batgirl Drawing Craze

there are 1 thousand subcultures, but in your life you can only be in or get to know a few. drawing community, programing, laywers, prostitutes, hells angel, all subcultures.

there are many gamers, became YouTube stars, by just uploading their game play. they, became rich by millions. they just play games all day. then, buy a house, cars. of course, you have to be good, e.g. charisma, talk well, play well. still, it's far easier and lucky job than most.

been observing YouTube rich phenomenon in past decade. it seems, one reason it's relatively easy to become a star is that, video is a pop medium. TV is video. since tech made so easy for any to create video, naturally, lots people became stars. In contrast to, say, being programer or mathematician, which has severely restricted audience.

been observing YouTube rich phenomenon in past decade. it seems, 1 reason it's relatively easy to become a star, is video is a pop medium like TV, the potential audience is BROAD world wide n sans restriction, in contrast to programing or math. if u can talk n look well, u good to go.