Alex Jones Skum

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Alex Jones skum

Alex Jones Freaks Joe Out Alex Jones is the master skum. He is in contrast to the mega billion CEOs of big companies. Same, but different tactics.

oh god, i started to watch joe rogan's interview of alex jones, has he became a comedian? lol. non stop nuts

that alex jones on joe rogan is seriously entertaining. it's 4 hours. am only 2 hours into. the alex guy is nutjob nonstop. it's now 5 million views.

I've observed the Alex Jones guy. Fundamentally, he is a skum. He knew what he is doing, which is to amass a audience and make $. He's not too bright in terms of IQ. but, he's got some street smart. He channels that to create a cult following.

on Joe Rogan's show, you can see that Alex Jones is trying really hard to brew an audience. One of his tactics is that, whenever someone question him as to threat/undermine his showmanship of gullibles recruitment, he puts on a show of getting angry, shouting. Yes, a show.

Alex Jones, in order to do what he does, 1 of the thing is that you have to fake and lie. On little things you can see all over, e.g. he does 40 pullups. For big things, e.g. “multidimentional alien”, such earnestness show is common in politician, tv priests, or salemen.

i was surprised, when one day, there's this anti-liberal youtube girl (from berkeley, i forgot her name and not sure how to search at the moment), that she says something like everything she learned is from infowar/Alex Jones.