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mastodon lingering round death

about ~3 months ago, mastodon had a little revival. i think it's dead again. lol. stupid coding nerds w wishful thinking for 30 yrs. n open source fanatics. we've, linux, android, java, that helped google apple mind control, n wiped out of existence of free programers.

The Qualitative Difference of Batman vs Other Superheros

twitter removing like button?

i just learned that twitter may remove the like button. I think that's great and most important. It stop human animals being mindless idiots. yet, from the few prominent anti sj i follow, seems they oppose. very strange.

what the like button do is to make people brainless automaton. It originates from facebook ~2005. It was designed, to make people addicted to it. you get a lil thrill when somebody 👍 ♥ your stuff. it goads you to post more to get more.

the like button, also thwarts young people's written communication skill. It makes people avoid each other. Instead of actually saying thanks, i agree, or otherwise take certain commitment to acknowledge, the ♥ button became a button for dismissal.

am not sure what's the real incentive for twitter to remove the like button. I like to think, it's sincere try to fix the polarization problem. A great deed. I presume, they actually do know the effect of the like button. (and i assume it is basically to increase traffic)

another thing that removing like button solves, is the “recent” twitter behavior of showing your likes to your followers, which is extremely annoying, gets people less control in what they read, and condition people more as passive consumer.

i think if twitter really want to solve the polarization problem all the way:

twitter post where i replied:

jet fighter J20, F22, F35

“The J-20 is the world's third operational fifth-generation stealth fighter aircraft, and the first in Asia”. The first 2 are US F22 and F35.

it's interesting, that soybean, primarily a chinese food, originated in China, now are grown in Brazil and usa.

fruit blender, and centrifugal juicer

blender 2018-10-29 8bec4-2

2 bananas, 1 cup milk. u buy.

now, one problem with blending banana milk is bubbled liquid, by the something word as emulsified. Now, you need to buy a centrifuge as counter measure. cuz, for the pleasure of solid juice for your mouth

omg there actually is a thing called centrifugal juicer centrifugal juicer it chops like blender, then it spins to separate the husk from the meat. American life is good 😂

Spiderman is a coward

when i was young, ~10 in Taiwan in 1980s, my fav superheros r Batman, Spiderman, wonder woman. Now, am old. i know stuff. Batman i still like. But spiderman i despise. Spiderman character is a coward, ignorant, petty, and epitome of American ills.

rich blacks in usa

i agree with this. also, black American. When Obama got elected, i thought, it's a great change. Turns out, he made race worse. Also, there are so many top black politicians. e.g. Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell. TV reporters, sports commentator etc. they make many millions a year.

Sarah Jeong

they way you brush away incidents like Sarah Jeong, Brendan Eich, means we'd have hard time to agree on things.

Sarah Jeong posted things like this, about every few days, for like 3 years if i recall correctly. (there are twitter thread collecting and archiving it) And it wasn't “long ago”. She is keep doing it, and churning out articles on verge and on New York Times that you are fond of reading.

the article you posted is PURE propaganda. should i take 30 min to dissect it and write reply? i don't want to, cuz that would just waste 30 min. and i recall, last time we chatting about exchange reasonable article, you send me one from NYT that i immediate see as blatant propoganda + lie and don't even know where to begin.

what animal meat people eat around the world?

world meat consumption 8d30e
eating pig meat vs cow vs fowl, comparison world wide
pork vs beef f6b53
eating pig meat vs cow meat, compared

i never understand this. to me, i never thought of distinction of jewish and white men. In fact, can't readily tell off hand. But anyway, my question is, in general, is jewish the sj left or the right/conservative?

context. gun shooting killed several in a jewish church

to read

caracal, wild cat in Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, India

mansplaining and suckling lad

it's very annoying, when u write about programing, then some suckling lad tag on to teach you something. well, brash youngling tend to do that.

what you do? you shoot back with 10 articles you wrote on the same subject he don't know about. lol if the conversation began, soon, it's clear he knew sheet

well, but that's if you have time. but it no solve the problem. cuz 10 thousand younglings gonna do it tomorrow all over again

the problem, lies in the attitude. it's always nice to exchange and learn. but it's a problem when a one's attitude is overreaching

it's a general problem of society. Rather, it's a rite of passage of young men. in recent years, some white women call this mansplaining. men do to men fighting for girls, to women for attraction. women no do cuz it detract their attraction.

2 bananas, 1 cup milk. life can't be better. cheap blender is just $20 at walmart. you buy! amazon

reasoned sjw

in this video, the first man/woman thing, i actually like her.

Social Justice Warriors VS Logic #7

she actually talks, and makes sense. unlike most sjfaks.

at 1m, there's blonde girl. i like her too. she actually tried to reason, even so confused. all she knew was that women r rapped all the time. and the guy, is 1 handsome dude, calmly dialogue a discourse, with patience n guidance. it's a scene of courtship :D seriously. ♥ often start that way

starting at 4:39 we have this kickass black dude cowboy sheriff (i assume from Texas ✪), and Megyn Kelly. that dude just laid things out like a mason with stone.

good audio cast on china

first, look at this twitter

that guy, Carl Zha, always post rare info about China. very good.

he runs a audio cast. I started to listen.

minority report: chinese train tech where AI identify person by face and body posture and auto charge passangers

Dave Rubin, Cenk Uygur (The Young Turks), Tim Pool

i didn't know the history of The Rubin Report apparently, it was “syndicated” on The Young Turks Network.

and i didn't realize till today, what a fkface that Cenk Uygur is it all began to show, from that Ben Affleck, Sam Harris, Bill Maher incident

it takes tremendous time and slow to learn political things. I've been spending 1 to 2 hours daily on politics since about Oct 2016. That's a lot. Most people with day job is unable to do that. Yet, the speed of learning the nature of things is slow.

what prompted me to look into Cenk Uygur is Tim Pool's incident today

note that, on youtube, the Young Turks show runs back to many years, so did Rubin Report, and Tim Pool's videos. Even if you watch 4 hours a day, it'd be few years to catch up. Not to mention hundreds other incidents and reporters.

I watched some The Young Turks shows before 2017. I thought they are the cool guys, reasonable. I only started to watch Rubin Report and Tim Pool since about April 2017.

pol, who's who, who did what, it's a slow learning process. Me spending 2 hours per day since 2017, is a lot, still, every month i discover new figures. In pol scene, if we only count in usa, there easily have over a thousand notable reporters and politicians

if you spend 8 hours to look into a person, 1k person will take you 3 years. 8 hours on a person only gets you to know his name. Will take 40+ hours to know a person's nature, the basics.

from this video i determined that CenkUygur and AnaKasparian are not to be trusted.

cgp grey, and popularity gets you

cgp grey, on The Difference between the United Kingdom, Great Britain and England Explained

this is back then when he's producing useful video, how he became a YouTube star. once popular, they produce far useless videos.

when u began,$ isn't involved。u do out of love。once u became pop,$ is involved,it's now ur job。all sort of things go wrong。1st,u produce more 2 grow business,cuz lots don't know u yet。but ur stuff now is much less valuable 2 those who liked ur stuff in the first place.

then, after you get more $$, corruption creeps in. someone say ads will pay you $ for x. sure, you try to have sorta principle. but inevitably, it creeps into your produce. also, all sort stats that shows your business health. These stats, worsen your stuff.

often, what you did that got you popular, may not be what you would be interested in doing forever. but, now 10 years in the business, you can't just say you quit. all sorta social causes presses you keep doing things you don't love that much anymore.

Tucker Carson off camera, with Gavin McInnes

Tucker Carlson

it seems, the feminism vs trans activism war is now getting big, near mainstream

Acceptance and sex are the main reasons humans fight

this said it. it's common knowledge, even instinctive knowledge. But is denied by modern elites and those in power who wage war.

operated by white colored by you SvQZy-s250
SJW White Leaders

this is what happens when you tweet a pop sound bite in pol

twitter pop result 2018-10-17 d05f4
twitter pop result 2018-10-17 d05f4

How much of the sj stuff has penetrated the Spanish speaking people in usa?

a thought just occurred to me. How much of the sj stuff has penetrated the Spanish speaking people in usa? does the sj gang distribute info, like trans/gender-spectrum/patriarchy etc in Spanish of Mexican sites, radio, youtube?

context: Trump just posted this video

it's spanish speaking crowd, am not sure exectly what it is about

linguistics of feminism, blacklivematters

it's interesting to observe the political jargons and names. feminism, black live matters (as opposed to, doesn't matter). men's rights (not: anti feminism), women's march, and we have now March For Life!

take “black lives matters” for example. The direct opposite is “black lives no matter”, which seems silly, and is something you cannot agree to.

lots political org names are like that. It's like, Peace For All. Can you not agree to it? Surely, anyone who disagree, is evil person.

so, if you disagree with whatever the Black Live Matters says, you came up with “all lives matters”. This, provides a square counter. Surely, you agree that all lives matters?

just deleted my previous tweet. i no want twitter ban yet. though, i do want a public record of it, of what i said. lol. what a paradox. u c, sometimes it's tricky with political games. let's just say, if u want my full pol opinions, it's not on twitter.

comment on political stuff, needs not necessarily be about politics. For example, there are very interesting linguistic aspect about names like feminism, lgbt, lgbtq, blacklivesmatters, men's rights. From etymology perspective, effectiveness, and logical dissection.

you no want schizophrenia

of all personality disorders (which am a expert of), the one u no wanna get is schizophrenia. You see things, and hear things, with that.

context: cannabis and schizo

a famous schizo is mathematician John Nash , depicted in movie A Beautiful Mind buy on amazon

anonymous cowards

there r lots people who post reddit then delete account. extremely annoying, and coward. not talking about sensitive topic even. e.g. on #emacs.

young people, use your real name on social media. and, stand for what you say. don't sheeetpost. that's how you respect yourself and earn respect.

there r certainly situations anonymity apply, e.g. the work wikileaks is doing. but mostly (i'd say 99.99% posts), the nameless account behavior on the internet is just cowardice and irresponsibility.

a look at the Proud Boys

this is what happened Proud Boys Leaving Republican Club After Gavin McInnes Event and Brutal Assault 10/12/18

from what i've seen, thru-out 2017 to now, all the violence, are started by the left group antifa. the antifa group has explicit public message, about how to dress in black with mask, how to hit and run and hide, how to derail train, etc. The Proud Boys, is a rater late reaction.

13 Oct 2018 Patriot Prayer vs. Antifa in “Flash March”

ACLU has fallen

your sj friend

a friend, keyboard expert, just tweeted this “Why Great Success Can Bring Out the Worst Parts of Our Personalities”

by the title, i thought he were self-reflecting. turns out, that's a hit piece on @elonmusk , cuz he didn't buy into left ideology.

i was writing the reply to him directly. then, have second thoughts.

we'd be great friends except he turns out to be sj. he's rich and elite. i think he's a good person. somehow, he do not see himself as mfkgs rich and elite. there's possibility maybe its a pretense, to keep his rank. But i rather think, unconscious self-interest bias did it.

Harvard University Do Bad Things to Asians

harvard no like asians. if it fair, 43% would be asians. harvard is a private. but i guess it's also taking $ from gov. In free economy, some other private U that is based on excellence would've kick harvard to oblivion. the regulations of democratic party probably is stopping it

china rocket crashes into village


now tim pool's videos is like, 5% actual reporting, 95% repetitive mini shallow no-brain lecture on none issues. now i find myself cannot stand it after 3 minutes. So i just watch the first 3 minutes.

world map of us military presence

sense and sensibility. But, is this true? you be the judge.

world map of us military presence

portland antifa 2018-10-13 3318e-s250
Antifa Flies Russian Flag

gif response posters

on twitter, there's a gaggle of folks, look at this thread, who do nothing but post gif responses. that's been going on for a few years, i guess began with imgur. i suppose, all these r millen gen and teens? do older people do that?

a most wonderful book review. if you are into the culture war that's going on, check this out.

the book is

SJWs Always Double Down: Anticipating the Thought Police (The Laws of Social Justice) 2017 by Vox Day. Buy at amazon

The infighting of fem and trans. the misery the left created

Tim Pool reports. The infighting of fem and trans. the misery the left created on the other note, Tim is now riding fakenews and stoopid news and clickbait news. $ is good.

the character of Glenn Greenwald, and did number of gays increase?

i don't think i like Glenn Greenwald. From the few i read of him over the past few years, i think he's one of those who have a fanatical attachment about “democracy”. afaik, he's not the sj gang member, but he's old old school progressive fanatics i think.

context. (Gleen's latest report about some rise of tyrant in brazil)

also, i learned that Glenn Greenwald is stinking rich. millions. and he's gay. what's his story? what's your impression of him?

here's one video of Glenn Greenwald. first result on my youtube search of his name seems a reasonable guy

one question i have since the lgbtq fak is, did the number of gays n trans actually increased since say y2k? i don't mean coming out, but men actually into sex with other men, even in secret. did they increase?

off hand, i think the number of men interested only in other men, stayed constant as perhaps in ancient Greece. which is, not many. maybe ≺ 1% of population. But, with recent news about sperm count decreasing in recent decade, maybe there's something going on.

here's Glenn, Glenn Greenwald on Donald Trump, NSA Surveillance, Facebook, Russiagate, Syria, Israel, Gaza, Yemen watch the first 5 min. This guy i can trust.

the flag of human animals, waving (video of flying skirt of princess of united kingdom)

Jordan Peterson vs Sam Harris on religion

google censorship. it tries to explain its censorship as good censorship

free trade, Trump's china tax seems hurting china

Trump's china tax is clearly hurting china. US news don't report it, but there are several from official chinese channels complaining about it in recent weeks


in general, free trade is best. Nationalism or restrictions generally hurt both countries. but there are some details. you can understand it, by scale down the world to just your neighborhood. Who u you gonna get bread, meat, gas, employment, etc, for what you have or skill.

suppose joe has cow. u get milk from him. u r a comp whiz. He get his windows fixed from you. 1 day, u two had a fight. u no want joe milk anymore. Mary has milk, but mary lives far, and not as good. if u refuse joe's milk, it costs u more. he likely retaliates. hurt both ways.

how much it hurts depends on the detail. Maybe you don't need milk. But maybe he's switching to linux, so it hurts you more than it hurts him. However, when these kinda things happens a lot among neighbors, all suffers.

but also note, in real world, those Free Trade Agreement, or organizations, packs, etc, may not be what they seem.

the point here is, free trade, is a fundamentally good thing. You want it.

life expectancy history c39f6
life expectancy history, in 1800, 1950, 2015


Sun Yat-sen wife Kaoru Otsuki, at 13

Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Japanese wife Kaoru Otsuki around the time he asked her father for her hand in marriage. She was 13, Sun was 37.

if u dont know, Doctor Sun Yat-sen is considered the father of China, from empire to republic. Both mainland china and nationalist taiwan considers him the dad.

Sun Yat-sen wife Kaoru Otsuki 751d4
Sun Yat-sen wife Kaoru Otsuki [image source]

history that we don't see

also note, before 1900, you lucky if you lived up to age 30. Girls marrying at 13, is the norm, world wide.

this drama. grandpa carrying his mom. such a tale is no longer seen in America, due to sj.

antifa at portland, taking over road, directing traffic

quite amazing that North Korea is now opened up. We are seeing regular visits.

look at human animal corruption, as statistical chemistry

the thing about human animals is that, when u rich n powerful, u get fat n sloppy. This is true for basically all human animals. The exception, is if u have strong discipline, like a monk, which is abnormal. The rot behavior does not occur to most, cuz most r not rich n powerful.

context: #Israeli Prime Minister's wife, Sara Netanyahu, went on trial on Sunday for alleged crimes including fraud over misuse of public funds to pay for hundreds of gourmet meals.

The Drivels of Eric Weinstein

The Drivels of Eric Weinstein

now let's see how soon this gets censored on hackernews. get your stopwatch out.

looks like it's going to stay, as there are already 2 previous posts of the same article.

Young Hillary Clinton

racism in south africa

this guy “serpentza”, white guy, born in South Africa, went to live in china, discuss the situation. you get to hear the story of racm 1st hand i first saw this guy's YouTube in 2017. since, i've watched maybe 20. he's now a YouTube star.

glass panel teleprompter

what are those panels for?

panels 2018-10-03 8745a
panels 2018-10-03

answer: they are modern teleprompters. That is, those glass panes, show text, from the speaker's side view. teleprompters are like cue cards.

girl cosmonaut of china! hot!

girl cosmonaut of china bf1be
girl cosmonaut of china [image source]

hum, i think chinese have been in outer space for few year now. i've seen lots pics n vids of nasa in space. why haven't i seen any chinese floating? ah, right, i live in USA. and Chinese programers on twitter only post anti china stuff.

humm, i don't recall seeing black girl floating in space. O, SJ gang, u got more work to do!

Mae Jemison in space 54251
Mae Jemison in space

ah, there she is, Mae Jemison

esr, Linux Code of Conduct, telos and ethos

Linus Torvalds Hit by SJW