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Jordan Peterson's daughter, Mikhaila Peterson. hot!

Jordan Peterson

sea monster spotted 2018-08-30 a677b-2
sea monster spotted 2018-08-30 a677b

Reconstruction of Song Dynasty heavy infantry armor. 26 kg.

history of “china market” (中華商場 in Taipei, Taiwan)

taiwan national neon sign 1980 519c4
China Market 中華商場, ~1980, in Taipei, Taiwan

my childhood memory, that National neon sign, around age 10 (1978). that place is 中華商場 in taipei, taiwan. A mega super market hub.

here's YouTube documentary

That “National” is brand nome of Panasonic. National (brand)

look only at untainted photos of other localities

always enjoy untainted photos. (the opposite are those from National Geographic) In today, you can see tons of photos from street people of localities. If you look for them, you'd be far more multi-culturalism than the sj skums.

context [Where Afghanistan meet China: Chinese side of Wakhan Corridor]

what National Geographic do, is to show what American elite like to see. namely, exotic barbarians in colorful clothing. $ is talking. that's why.

National Geographic Bias, Painting a Pretty Picture for Upperclass Americans

Ancient History of Afghanistan and Pakistan


David Hogg as Hot Woman

omg, lol, this is pro work!

context: [4chan nerds are photoshopping David Hogg to look female, calling him Daisy, and then having sexual fantasies about their Daisy Hogg memes. I feel like this is some... new, uncharted form of self-own ]

i've looked at the david hogg guy briefly. i think he is a opportunistic skum

u have to unstand, for younglings to rise like that, first, the power behind isn't dumb in picking up their hero. This Hogg guy rose, and that other female, cuz, they not only fit the picture, but they r aggressors that can advance the party line.

if they, the hogg and the female, step out of line, say, said something nice about conservatives, or opined something soft about gun, they'd disappear from stage right away. that's how politics works. but if they play nice, as they do, they advance up the ladder.

twitter vs mastodon 2018-08-28

twitter is pretty dead. i post same thing on mastodon, even just 230 followers, lots discussion. On twitter, 2k followers, nothing. lol. and i said this last year. twitter make u repeat, while control who sees it. n politics make people afraid to say or associate.

one problem is if u like something, twitter broadcast trying to increase traffic. often seeing likes from other is super annoying. what a skum twitter is. in its early days before 2010, no algorithm, no fancy features, much better.

but if i post politics, eg anti sj, and especially post such under popular accounts, one track mind style, then, wow, one thousand likes. and that guides each person's behavior. that's why, on twitter, it's anger fuck.

twitter problem 2018-08-28 82ce1
twitter problem 2018-08-28 82ce1

Uyghur, Xinjiang, China

John McCain died, at 81

John McCain died, at 81. well, last year, he couldn't even speak well. i think gov positions should have a age limit, maybe at 70 tops. even 60. min age should be prob 40 minimum.

Venezuela inflation rate 1000000%

so, what does that mean? Death. if one apple is $1, now it is $10000.

venezuela inflation 2018-08-25 3573d
Venezuela inflation, women turn to prostitutes 2018-08-25

South Africa has Started Seizing White Owned Farms

the fakeness you live in

screenshot 2018-08-29 2432b
Egyptian actress Sarah Elshamy [image source]

besides the main point, observe the fakeness you live in. Almost everything you see, read, from screen, is fake like that, tainted by $. it's so massive that it has became the norm of your brain, ur thinking. esp if ur a yuppie in the city.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

“With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” when you hear that, run. Such often came from the powerful with psychological issues. It's something American love. Used to be Conservatives. It's a comfy utterance. Soothing. And this guilt, erupted with the sj faks into a mutation.

Cuteness, Noeteny, and PEDOMORPHOSIS!

the is getting on my nerves. in less than a year it began, it amassed 1M followers. what it do, is post cute animal overload. each one makes u drool. It encroaches and tampers our nerves, in a artificially inflated way.

cute animals is nice, but in nature, you don't get it every day. when you get it everyday artificially such as by twitter, it changes your brain. i've been thinking, to start research on who's behind todo. i am guessing it's nasty.

but then am thinking, prn is also unnatural. so, maybe am thinking too much abut kitten overload. however, the org behind pn r typically large corps, plenty r nasty. (and used to be run by criminal orgs) so, don't think am wrong about looking who's behind dodo.

there are lots folks who are for animals. i despise the big mouthers. you love animals, don't want to eat them, yet you want your neighbor who disagree to dai. and war's still going all over. you cant even look at the ded bodies

you know why cute animals are cute? because they cannot do harm to you. that is the number 1 reason. Cuteness, Noeteny, and PEDOMORPHOSIS!

save books for your kid, their eyes will catch wonder on those underline

save book 2018-08-17 62b2c
save book 2018-08-17 [image source]

Very interesting idea. Makes sense. This is what history is made of, in small scale. History, that one can see and touch. Unfortunately, i threw away most of my paper books in 2000s, in a very progressive forward looking elegant catching mind!

Why We Oppose Votes for Men

why we oppose votes for men d718b
Why We Oppose Votes for Men, Alice Duer Miller [image source]

this is what the gender faks feed on. the consequences are, trump got elected, more gender anger, Nz hunting, trans ascendance, bathroom drama, wimp men, nutty women, fake news, big corps sweeping money on heit.

correction: actually, that page was intened as a mockery of men's argument againts women voting, back in 1915.

thanks to the image source Jasmine05687787 for correcting me.

reddit's new ui trying to stop ad blocker

reddit new ui ad blocker 2018-08-15 cc531
this is what reddit's new ui is doing. trying to stop ad blocker.

antifa, and big rich org lies

there it is, antifa, and big rich org lies. i try not to post pol, but most my feed is pol now, accrued since 2017. i used to follow 100% programing stuff. but, they, typically spam. like, this new lib, that great new version, or another hackernews idiocy.


i follow anti sj people, because at this point, i think it's critical to fight sj. these, elite, comfy lives, the things they say, gender, women, white heit, and strangely sing islam songs. in nowhere in history or other culture, they can be considered sane.

i was actually late to the party. in 1990s, feminism began he/she clamor, stewardess → flight attendant. i thought it's silly. but that's all. it subsided. but since 2017, it erupted big time. in fact since about early 2010s, but i didn't notice.

daily, there are lots heitful people on twitter like this. a lot of them are women. and they are typically white, elite.

fuck white people tweet  2018-08-14 a3b00
fuck white people tweet 2018-08-14 a3b00

most predators have their eyes in front, what about eagle?

the other day i was thinking, most predators have their eyes in front, so they have stereoscopic sight that can best judge distance. e.g. owl, tiger, human. but then, i was thinking, eagle and snakes are exceptions.

redefine racism

the left skums have new def for raicism. it was, behavior based on kinship. Now, they want it to mean situational upperhand. Well, if u in china, then chinese is, or russian, or african etc.

The left also redefined raip. Was by force. Now broken condom or drunk date.

i don't even consider raisism the American way as proper. let's say equal opportunity law. you see, u should look at all human history. in my view, diff groups should be allowed to grow their group. What we should have is concept of fairness, instead. That way, the whole prosper.

raisism, is particularly a American thing. And obsession about Justice, is a Western thought. Each country has their own things. China has its own hot buttons, diff from usa, and Taiwan has its own. for example, by American standard, china japan is raicism extreme.

Most things, do not have 1 proper resolution. you can never have perfect law. e.g. equal opportunity employment law. That's just one perspective. Same for things like age of sex, stopping unborn baby, drug law, gun control law, etc. best recourse depends on the region, culture, philosophy.

immigration law, also has no perfect answer. totally closed, usually result in the country/region to fail. complete open fails even faster. You can usually see the effect by scale it down to your family.

today's left is stupid. they usually talk about protecting illegal immigrant, even criminals. what's the diff of legal and illegal then? what's law for? and they talk about abolish immigration office. That's like, why don't you remove the door to your home? try it.

the left talking about harboring illegal immigrant, is not due to stupidity, of course. It happens, as a result of political power struggle. that's how hot buttons issues arose, peculiar to each country. it's not solution we are seeking, rather, which way to win and gain power.

How the English language is taking over the planet. propaganda from Guardian

“How the English language is taking over the planet.” from the Guardian. jesus mother fkig god. i click n expect interesting linguistic article, but instead got veiled anti trump propaganda

rice dries up and not eatable if you leave it out

rice's interesting. if u leave it out, it becomes dry, hard, not eatable. well, but bread also becomes dry, but one can still crunch it. Now, somebody needs to explain the science of this.

Well, actually if you leave out pasta, it also becomes dry and not eatable, even worse than rice. Cuz u can dump hot water to rice then eat. Pasta too, but watered pasta kinda wastes it, while rice is often eaten with other dish.

medium is desperately trying to extract money

medium is desperately trying to extract money from all the free writer's work. Note that it's one of the main principle of all starts up in sillicon valley. hackernews talk about it all the time for 10 years.

the startup principle is to create a site where people contribute and only you make money. and u want to make this so justified that nobody even think about it. typically, you chalk it up to open source, and helping humanity.

The Nature Of Mass Movements

The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements is a 1951 social psychology book by American writer Eric Hoffer, in which the author discusses the psychological causes of fanaticism.

Hoffer analyzes and attempts to explain the motives of the various types of personalities that give rise to mass movements; why and how mass movements start, progress and end; and the similarities between them, whether religious, political, radical or reactionary. He argues that even when their stated goals or values differ, mass movements are interchangeable, that adherents will often flip from one movement to another, and that the motivations for mass movements are interchangeable. Thus, religious, nationalist and social movements, whether radical or reactionary, tend to attract the same type of followers, behave in the same way and use the same tactics and rhetorical tools. As examples, he often refers to Communism, Fascism, National Socialism, Christianity, Protestantism, and Islam.

The first and best-known of Hoffer's books, The True Believer has been published in 23 editions between 1951 and 2002.

The True Believer

The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements 1951, by Eric Hoffer. Buy at amazon

i don't know what the older programers who are pro js (not counting the millennials) are thinking when they see this map. To me, it's pretty on the spot.


Chinese civil war

politics. (i haven't verified.) The Chinese civil war, like the American one, is big topic, frequently discussed, or movies made. The fandom is even bigger than usa civil war, because it's more recent, and the conflict is still ongoing.


Execution of suspected Communists on May 11, 1949 in Shanghai. 16 days before PLA marched in. By American photographer Harrison Forman. The smiling man is Zhu Datong, a Communist mole inside Nationalists (KMT) Intelligence, caught trying to encourage KMT Wuxi garrison to defect


my dad, had 1 sister. She died at 1 years old in Shanghai, under Japanese bombing. my grand parents, along with Kuomintang force, moved to Taiwan. I was born in Taiwan.

there are lots movies made of Chinese Civil War. The ones made in Taiwan, depict the Communists in bad light, like, with nose rings n inhuman. And vice versa of China ones. China still makes them, but not Taiwan, because since 1990s Taiwan had new conflict, KMT vs Progressives.

chinese civil war videos on youtube 2018-08-09 bc250
for example of movies, tv drama, or videos of Chinese Civil War, youtube search 国共战争. In the screenshot, the one with red letter at bottom, is a TV drama series from China.

Sarah Jeong Racist

YouTube censorship, banning anything containing the word heit

YouTube censorship, banning anything containing the word heit. note, neknomination is a online drinking game. u video urself drinking, nominate next one to do so.


screenshot 2018-08-05 0a156
this is typical of how powerful corp responds. If you are able to get the wrong in a limelight, you get nice pleasing words for the public record. The rest 99.9999% of people are buried. This repeats every year. The wheel churns on.

do not accept passive info

weirdo advice: never accept info that comes readily to you. eg google doodle, hacker news, or basically anything that's popular. Never accept emotion based info. e.g. angry stuff. Never accept instinctive info. cute overlord cat pics etc. of course, never watch tv.

for example, if u run into a google doodle. Do not click it. Even if u know it probably is educational. Do not click/spread cat pics. do not click on emotional/angry stuff. Get info, only when you actively seek for X. This gets u independent thinking.

for example, when you see a google doodle. Think, of all historical figures, how many are there? probably 10s of thousands? then, on my mind is, of them all, who are the say top 100 i should know about? by what criteria? then you go off researching THAT, for the time you might have spent clicking the doodle.

Are You Schizoid or Autistic?

classic heavy-weight thinkers, old

classic heavy-weight thinkers, such as Thomas Sowell, Camille Paglia, Noam Chomsky, r all very old now. u watch them , u see that they've got dotage problems. Sometimes can't make a point. I can't readily think of a young thinker i respect. Prob because i didn't look for it.

A great thinker is such that, when you see them, you are overwhelmed by their knowledge and depth. it's not random joe professors can do. it's not a matter of charisma, or glib talking, but the weight and depth, the scope. offhand, i can think Jordan Peterson qualify.

still, i think there are a lot great thinkers out there. The thing is, we live in a money based info/sites. So, our brain is filled with clickbait stuff. and google search due to money, you can't even find deep stuff anymore. you just get pop, celebrities, drama, clickbaits.

used to be, say before 2010, there is word of mouth. Good articles, or weighty persons, get spread by people. But that is also rotted out by Google Facebook Twitter with their like buttons and algorithms to control what you see and max $.

similarly, other sites, reddit, hackernews, went the same way. reddit is all teen drivels + pxrn. hackernews is now heavy handed social justice censorship. and the millennial idiots are explicitly against those able. They shove mediocre women n “minorities” down ya throat.

though,there r niche communities that u can still see intelligence。I see some of that on mastodon。where,like 1990s or 2000s,there r lots discussions,truly lots diverse replies,&some,very deep。from programing stuff 2 history or other。these groups r basically “underground” today.

by comparison, on twitter today, you lucky if you get 1 reply. chances are, it's drivel type, like, lol, thx, etc. and with idiotic char limit, discussion's like turtle in a bottle. and people dare not to say things outside meanstream view. you get mobbed, fired, beaten.

[The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture By Heather Mac Donald. At buy on amazon ]

Heather Mac Donald at

Facebook Twitter, the Cause of Usa Divide

of all the causes of the usa divide, the single most responsible is facebook twitter. They, in order to grow their user/activity, created heit echo holes. Starting with the 👍 button, and later, algorithms to manipulate what you see.

The 1st voice of such concern is about ~2000, when web just began, there were articles talking about what if internet just showed what people liked. Other issues discussed were, whether brick colleges would go away, and if news org would be replaced by mob onsite report.

after 20 years, today, we are seeing the effect of websites showing just what you liked. Colleges didn't go away, but becomes few times more expensive. Online teaching didn't really happen. Mob news didn't happen, but instead, we got fake news, and small independent reporters on youtube.

it's really trivial to fix the problem. Facebook twitter kll the like button. Stop controlling what u see. Just show all by order of time. but they won't do that. because they'll lose money. Instead, years after year, they lie with their eagerness to help humanity.

California are banning straws

so apparently, California are banning straws. And since this video, i've learned now, it's just for show. No impact on environment. When u pass sweeping law just for show, it does actual damage. The sj left truly fk'dup California in recent years.