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The Metamorphosis of Prime Intellect

this is a a scifi, of torture porn, and a philosophical story of omnipotent machine. Was popular around 2002.

added new nav panel.

here's article from Jaron Lanier

[A conversation with VR pioneer Jaron Lanier on Silicon Valley's politics, being quoted by Mark Zuckerberg, and what went wrong with the internet. By Noah Kulwin. At ]

no safe spaces, movie.

what happens if everyone is you

one way to evaluate yourself is to imagine what happens if everyone is you? imagine, all your neighbors are you. Or, replace neighbors by coworker, family. Would it prosper, financially? would it have more quarrel, murder? more/less inventions? or, perish fast?

or, if you are selfish, the society would degenerate fast. if you are too much of a thinker, the society would become static, and done for soon. if you are extrovert, perhaps it'd become party town, and too, perishes.

these would be social psychology research of personality traits. but if society is in fact of all the same people, it'd probably be very weak, prone to die off, internally or by external forces. And this part, would be evolution biology findings.

nevertheless, it'd be fun, even sound research project, to consider, what happens if society is all the same people, e.g. you. We first characterize your personality, and IQ, and perhaps other traits such as physical fitness. Then, consider multiple aspects of society, whether it'd boom or doom.

in winter hands too cold, can't code

when i woke 4pm today, found that PG&E shut my electricity. I don't have phone, any phone. No car. So, immediately a major problem. And no money in bank. Need few days to transfer. The heater during winter shot the bill from $30 to $100/month. fucking roommate.

i live in extreme poverty. During winter, there's no heater. But due to roomate, i got a heater for them. These roomates are illiterate, more or less. In winter after midnight, hands too cold u can't code. boil water in pot as makedo.

my condition, is due to myself. i hvnt been working in a dayjob. But, fuck the leftists n programers in general, open source fanatics. They, their life is too comfy. No idea what's going on in working class. They just want virtual signal, sooth their guilt, and the poor suffers.

blacklivesmatter facebook fraud

blacklivesmatter facebook fraud 2018 04 09
#blacklivesmatter facebook fraud, screenshot for those don't want to bother reading cnn.

[14 years of Mark Zuckerberg saying sorry, not sorry By Geoffrey A Fowler And Chiqui Esteban. At ]

device in the eye see as cat

down the road, there'd be device one wear or embeded in the eye that lets you see things as cat, or, eagle, or moth. Goggle won't do, cuz some of the eyes have sensitivities beyond human.

Mashable, posting fake photo of YouTube shooter

Mashable @mashable , in red ink, sold to Ziff Davis (PC mag, Pop Mechanics, etc) for $50mega last year, now doing fake news.

Why Did Mashable Make The Youtube Shooter Look White?

YouTube shooter's video

YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam uploaded this video to her Facebook account - criticizing the company for age-restricting, filtering and demonetizing her videos.

watch at

i was watching @Timcast take before, and i think i was mislead. The impression after watching Tim's take is that she crazy, n Tim didn't want to show her vid in fear of censorship. But now watching her, she has big point. Things in society making people discontent, some acted out. She might be crazy, but when such acting out happens often, it's the society that's the problem.

for example, following video, not age restricted. over 700 million views:

Nicki Minaj - Anaconda