Periodic Dosage 2017-01

Barbie Anthropology

sjw vs gamergate war on mastodon

had another account on the mastodon instance at

after reading its declaration there

it's like a communist manifesto. Scary.

I don't feel comfy there, and wanted to delete account. Then, realized that it's impossible to delete mastodon account. lol


here's a list of sites the sjw mastodons are blocking.

Reason given for many is “free speech zone”

Japan's artists site, many sjw are banning, is this

here's 2 mastodon instances to join. It's Freedom + Individual, not sjw oriented.

no agenda show mastodon instance

ok, there's a show called “no agenda show”. i like it. by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak see Wikipedia No Agenda

“saving the earth, one social justice warrior at a time!” ha i like that.

Adam Curry is long time net techy from 1990s, father of podcasting. John C. Dvorak is that tech writer for like 3 decades now. great!

noagenda has a mastodon instance

i'm there

i'm on mastodon at

The story of clash of GNU vs Mastodon, USA vs Japanese culture, SJW vs gamergate, and sexual drawings of young girls

Wow, what a story. The story of clash of GNU vs Mastodon, USA vs Japanese culture, SJW vs gamergate, and sexual drawings of young girls. (if you are American, u know part of it as “anime”)

Unabomber Manifesto (Industrial Society and its Future)

UC Berkeley Antifa Bike Lock Attacker Identified

United Express Flight 3411 Incident, Forced Passenger Removal

UC Berkeley Riot, 2017 April 15

Thomas Sowell - Liberal Policy wreaks havoc on Blacks

when u push for an ideology, its like squeezing a water balloon. it come out elsewhere, and explodes.

[Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving, Say Psychologists By Elizabeth Nolan Brown. At , accessed on 2017-03-04 ]

Sir Roger Scruton, Defender of BEAUTY

The About-Face of Meaning of Liberal in America

“liberal” in America went thru a twist. It was 4 free speech, small government, anti-communism. Today, it's anti-free-speech, pro big government, pro socialism.

technically, “political correctness” of today's liberals, is a form of propaganda of ideology. Same as the word's origin from Communism.

if fast-food chicken sandwich is only 50% chicken, what else is there? Answer: high-tech meat dregs.

there are books that exist. Liberal Fascism. This is published in 2008. Buy Liberal Fascism

i was a illegal immigrant in Canada, ~1986 to ~1989.

at 16, i make Canadian $2.5 dollars an hour, working for cash, for about 2 years.

currently, i make $500 USD a month, surviving.

Daily, a man must eat. Else, you die. If, suppose there's truth X that requires not eating to know, then, truth be fucked. Meaning, truths as we know, are human truths.

Cabinets and Classes: Harding, Obama, and Trump, which is more elitist?

is it possible that society have a whitewash? like, a generation who knows fake history. Yes, seems easily, and not by authoritarian means.

Thomas Sowell

one of my fav author, is Thomas Sowell. quotes.

one of his best seller, Basic Economics

also, “Trickle Down Theory” and “Tax Cuts for the Rich”

Black Rednecks and White Liberals

Social Justice Warriors, Millennials, and Jargons

been doing a lot thinking since election, about the rise of SJW and “millennials”. I think, those postmodernism stuff of 1990s has a lot to do with it, and Politically Correct leftist parents of 1980s.

the phenomenon are sweeping, in a very short time. Particularly in the past 3 years. Like all cults, they have jargons.

cis gender, lgbt, shaming, bully, microaggression, safe space, triggering, intersectional, mansplaining, gaslighting.

The term “millennial” itself came to the limelight only recently, in 2016. All of a sudden, all news media are using that term.

when i first heard of the term millennial on twitter, few months ago, i thought, that's silly, a fashionable online locution. Then, you see the term almost every week.

then, later on, i realize the term is quite meaningful, and on the spot. It is, indeed, the millennial generation (those born around between early 1980s to mid-1990s ) that's mostly associated with the SJW stuff. This makes sense, because they are the children of the political correctness that reached its heyday in 1990s.

the jargon SJW (social justice warrior) itself, is new, becoming very popular since about 2010. The term is very apt, as it describes people who are extremely aggressive, on social networks, harassing other people who do not agree with their views.

the political correctness of 1990s, are about using he/she, and instead of “disabled person” calling “differently enabled”. I thought it kinda went away in 2000s, but turns out, became far more worse with today's SJWs.

i think, it reached the highest point during election, where, Hillary just rides it. Anyone who disagree with the sjw point of view is blatantly labeled Racist, Sexist, Homophobic, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, as Hillary openly accused of Trump voters. While Trump, is exactly the backslash of the SJW.

because Trump won, now i see increasingly a lot articles now openly speak out against the sjw band. Film, essays, blogs, and politicians, professors.

the American News Media, or the so-called “journalism”, is the scum. They go with whatever is in trend, of course. On the surface they bring discussion and inform us trends, but mostly they are just peddling their publications, latch onto and add fuel to whatever issues that jolts people.

The Political Correctness, and SJW stuff, is like free sandwich. Why not? Who in the right mind would say that people shouldn't help, protect, women, the minority, and against bullying, etc?

ironically, in the 1980 and 1970s, it's the right wing moralist doing it. They, put gays in jail, put porn publishers in jail. Why? because, it's the right thing to to! (of course, today, not only fucking in the ass is legal, but man and marry man, and mainstream movies have graphic scenes that'd land them in jail in 1980s.)

but, mostly, life is too good, that's the problem. When life's too good, you never understand what hunger means, no idea what pain means, and you got nothing to do, cooking up moral theories becomes your fulfillment.