Periodic Dosage 2016-05

“If one is to understand the Great Mystery, one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic narrow view of the Jedi.” Palpatine: The Portrait of a Perfect Sociopath and Master Politician

democracy, such that, you would have father and son presidents, and now husband and wife. what a wonder.

Social Justice Warriors and Code of Conduct

law are created to do good. But when it becomes complex and big, as modern society is, it became alien, usually just punishing the weak, controlled by the powerful.

Code Of Conduct is similar.

Without Code Of Conduct, we all have a chance. When conflict arise, you duke it out, as highschool kids brawl. We are talking about contribution of code here. And we should encourage small people to start their own, instead of somehow have a need to be part of big project. Encourage more personal freedom instead of contralize power.

With Code Of Conduct, there's this powerful ideology and org behind it. When conflict arise, and if you happen to be the unfavored, you are likely more hurt by Code Of Conduct.

There are quite a lot we can do to improve the world. There's Scientology, Religious million dollar scams, and uncessary war (many of these are hard to fight). Today, our tech can feed the world…

I know that many of the Code Of Conduct people intent to do good, but seems to me it's more of aggression.

here's 2 threads on reddit. 2 particularly very nasty people. Sam Halliday and Sebastian Wiesner. These 2 are extreme “social justice warriors”. They, if power be, i think are the type of people who will kill, believing they are doing good.

American SJW and Rise of Nazi

Melania Trump, first lady with highest high heels.

law, in big organized society, becomes a blind power that punishes the weak, controlled by powerful. The Code Of Conduct, works in a similar way.

today's American leftist, is of degree, that they will hurt, punish, those who disagree with them. Yes. It has become that.

the keyword is righteousness. they believe they are doing the right thing. I frankly don't see how it's different from the rise of Nazi.

on the other hand, we have Hillary, a lying-thru-teeth pro politician.

Twitter shadowban people

it seems, twitter has #shadowban now, since 2015. if u don't know, shadowban is secret filtering of info

Twitter shadowban and lie about it. [Tweets are disappearing on Twitter. Why? By Abby Ohlheiser. At , accessed on 2016-07-20 ]

truth vs nice

i believe in truth. I do not believe in upholding a community, being positive. Because these things, when untruth, does harm in the long run.

peace = never

there's a possibility, that common moral values of human animals is logically imcompatible with common ideals of peace and harmony

that is, peace = never. Unless, you change your moral views to something you never will accept

today's Nice Truck Attack and Turkey military coup week. few days ago is that facebook live streaming of a cop shot black aftermath.

Google AI and you are worthless

with Google releasing AI lib this or deep learning framework that, and you haven't learned them yet, you feel worth less each day.

don't worry. you are already worthless.

this is 1 minute read

today, some blogs are sporting “n-minutes read”. like, u so busy that u need to know many min it takes, and so idiotic u can't judge uself.

is it possible everything YOU know is wrong?

Mencius Moldbug vs Social Justice Warriors

[The Book That Changed My Life By Aaron Swartz. At , accessed on 2016-07-03 ]

Understanding Power by Noam Chomsky Buy at amazon

i've lived my life sans pleasure. Formal, aloof, ascetic, and in perpetual pain and emergency state. Working frantically towards failure.

everytime i hear a success story, big or small, i become EXTREMELY hurt, to the degree of physiological symptoms. This been the case since teen.

“we need fetchingly these internet sounds”

had a dream… and there's a phrase i emphatically wanted to recall, as it holds the key to remember whole dream.

remembered the phrase i did, but now i know not what it means.

while i, am here worry about hunger, somebody elsewhere is worried about the trepidation of fornication.

it's a common problem where key or ring or something fall into the drain. so, drain should be designed to prevent this in a fool proof way.

for past weeks, been watching on tweeter a very rich man travelogging his venture of sharing his wife. ① nice to be rich. ② am miserable.

in our society, there's a sector of people, who encourage positiveness, never criticize. I think these people are actually doing HARM.

criticize, even bitching, is necessary for healthy society. Ali, M L King, malcolm x, bobby fischer, rms, are exemplar negative forces.

some of these are now national heroes, after they are dead. When they are not dead, some are taken as criminals.

what happens to a society that avoids criticism/negativeness? you get a bowl of all positive, smiling, nice people. You get Disney Land.

to be rich, first need the willing part in willing and able. and that mean's more than mubling “yes i want”

i've logically determined 48 is still good for coding. I'm still good, still good.

Sanders is 74. Hillary = 68, trump = 69. at these ages, sometimes you pee on your pants.

it's interesting that leaders of human animals tend to be old. Age acquires power, cuz power came from dealing with other humans.

human animals need to eat everyday, and, the well-to-do demo their pretty plates everyday, like millions of them, and this is perpetual.

1 of the change that, since ~2010, everyone gives a talk, in hundreds of events/confs, and we can watch live. before, only top games can.

recall, the context here is, what all these change-the-world tech and AI actually have done to society?