Periodic Dosage 2015-08

The True Believer: Thoughts On The Nature Of Mass Movements

YoungBloodZ ♪ Damn

eye balls burning, entire body limp as puppet, pain in head and everywhere. Crawling for water. Lie wasted. Slept for 24 hours.

Christian Televangelist Robert Tilton Fraud Scandal

never, ever, read a story shared on social networks.

I read one today, because the title is intriguing. But after 3 hours total spent on the subject (which, includes, 50% post-reading fact check), i'd say i rather wasted 3 hours.

yes, that includes you, my friends, who post stuff linking to news reports sites etc.

i like to say a few things about my habit, although i've said them before.

i never follow a link on social network. I used to never click a plus or thumbs up on social networks. But that gave way. But anyway, society is shaped by idiots following streamed news from social networks. Lots articles have written about this… it's quite interesting, even some hardcore geeks, for example: in the programing circle, who are typically aggressively “Open Source” or “Free Software”, also read or links to trash.

…ok but what am i saying? what should one read? well… i used to say just read wikipedia, but even that i'm not sure i can endorse today. Ok, here's one thing i'm sure about: read only text books, nothing but that. The text books college students or graduate students read. Yes, those.

well, but in any case, i don't think am convincing, nor have i actually tried to be, or gave reasons. Because, actually, i know, it'll basically have 0 effect.

actually am thinking not posting this… but oh well.

ok, let me give another shot. Don't read stuff from online stream. Instead, if there's a person, site, blog, you like, bookmark, and painfully and manually seek it daily.

and, when you read online articles, set off 50% of that reading time for fact checking, author background checking. Even if, that article touched you. Especially that.

The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think

there's a book on drug war. Essentially saying that, addiction is mostly caused by lack of human connection, such as loneliness, not by some chemistry. And, thus, implying the million dollars drug war of all sorts, including cig, is futile.

there's a online article about it:

[The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think By Johann Hari. At , accessed on 2015-08-13 ]

I read it, because of its fascinating title, wow, “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered”. And, the article is so touching, seems true.

but my skeptical mind can't stop trying to find some basis.

indeed, the author Johann Hari, has a questionable past. Johann Hari

Chasing the Scream

Drug War, is idiotic. But the book, is probably trash.

there's a ad going around on YouTube, about how you can be rich, with Lamborghini, and 1k books. Just Google “Tai Lopez scam” or “the youtube just bought this new Lamborghini guy”.

Google Tai Lopez scam

The story of Fat Francis