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2014 Ukrain Unrest

if you only read one piece of politics about Ukrain event this year, read this one, by Brennan Young.

here's his full post:

I don't support either ‘side’, and I object to being asked to choose. However, I think NATO's motivations are more sinister, and less transparent than those of Putin. Russia is not actually ‘hitting’ Ukraine with any firepower, whereas the Ukrainian army really is shelling the russophone communities of eastern Ukraine. I invite you to check these details, and (especially) watch the sources if you can.

I believe NATO/Washington wants to control all of Ukraine (as part of a greater strategy for control of resources in the middle east, getting Iran to bow to the Washington Consensus etc.) They would rather that we all forget that eastern Ukraine is mostly populated by russophone communities.

There's no doubt in my mind that NATO/Washington cares not at all for the ordinary Ukrainian people, or their rights, so we're basically getting a lot of crocodile tears, while the bombardment of civilians in Eastern Ukraine continues, with Washington's backing.

Putin, meanwhile, is trying to prevent Russia being completely surrounded by offensive NATO bases, which is (I think) quite reasonable. It's absolutely equivalent to USA taking control of Panama, which is apparently quite acceptable for the western mind.

I was encouraged by the Maidan uprisings in the beginning, because Ukraine was (and still is) run by gangsters and puppets loyal to either Washington (e.g. Tymoshenko) or Moscow (e.g. Yanukovic).

Unfortunately any of the anti-authoritarian activists who wanted to change the succession of puppets and gansters, were routinely beaten up by the ultra-nationalist, authoritarian thugs. There's a very good, but overlong, account of this (from March) here:

The recently installed Ukrainian leadership are part of this ultra-nationalist minority and are supported by (and therefore loyal to) NATO/Washington. The Ukrainian president dissolved the government last week, so western Ukraine is basically run by NATO at the moment.

NATO and UK psyops have been operating in Ukraine for some time, as revealed by documents leaked by Snowden. This is documented here (from end February):

The intense amount of western psyops activity in Ukraine make me distrust any story which is too black and white, especially when Putin is painted as the big evil guy, and the Ukrainians are painted as the poor victims. The only people who have been killing Ukrainians over the summer has been the Ukrainian army. And western journalists seem quite ok with that.

Full disclosure: My wife is Ukrainian, from a Russian speaking family, but she loves the Ukrainian language and (to some extent) the culture, which shares much with that of Russia. We have both Russian and Ukrainian friends. Our son speaks Russian (and English, and Danish).

We are especially dismayed by the culture of hate that is being generated from the propaganda from Washington and Moscow. We are afraid of a repeat of Yugoslavia, where friends and neighbours were turned into mortal enemies for the sake of strategic power plays at the top.

facebook is banning xvideos dot com. I was posting asking about the domain and got this.

facebook xvideos dot com ban 2014-08-21
facebook ban

after some testing, it also ban'd “”, but not “”. Strange.

Open source american left liberal human animal scumbags. camcast monopoly!

Edward Bernays

David Blaine

i think a lot people have problem with me. e.g. i can see it when new people post comments, their style.

Why do they have problem? It's because, when they read my site, first thing people notice is a stinking stance, weirdness, and a spite towards the norm. Thus, many, mostly geeks/hackers (as they are my main audience), sometimes respond in kind, or even attack outright, on whatever i was writing about, when they disagree or most often just want to let out their own steam on “related” issue.

should i change? Why, should i become the normal, the pleasing, the for the good of humanity, help women, help children, tech is making the world a better place, be inspiring, encourage not demean, and et al?

Like, the fk gazillion advertisements on TV, big organizations like google facebook verizon at&t comcast and banks who has spent billions on how to please people and get money out of it? Would you like fries to go with it?

like, be positive for the good of humanity and over thousands of years it's not getting better anytime soon and drones and fbi and cia and 1984 and all?

but, on the other hand, surely it's not right to encourage everyone to be negative, pessimistic, pulling things down?

i'll tell ya what. i think a few nutcase like me is fine. Look yonder Richard Stallman and Linus! Wow, what heroes. All hell to heroes.

if you have infrared eyesight, what would you see? wait, let's rephrase. What would a person tells us, if he had worn infrared goggles all the time for a month?

Jay Dugger says: Changes in blood flow to the face might help understanding facial expressions

that's a good point. It means the person can detect lies or other emotional change that we normally wouldn't.

comment at

which super power is most powerful?

solly 4 life

Art of Robert Crumb

Survival. A concept am deeply enamored with. And, while i'm in this state, i need to write about it, like those weird classic captain's log or travelogue. Because, when you don't need to worry about survival, your thought process, views, are completely different.

Human Animals Need Ass Kissing to Survive (emacs vs vi)

i just had the most amazing, surreal dream in my life. But i dont' remember the detail, but lets try to write what i can possibly recall down.

it has something to do with job interview. There are monsters… The feel is somewhat like that movie Pan's Labyrinth or Tim Burton's stuff (Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas). It also involves transportation, as am going somewhere… it also involves flirting, and choices to make. Have to marry one of them, while the girl also had to choose. One girl/wife is some past life. They are all attractive. The people in the dream are kinda semi-human, or perhaps some of them are things that talk. Pan's Labrinth or Dali like. like a Sepia tone'd film. I think one of them got stabbed, as, perhaps on his/her/creature's stomach and maybe there's, like, a hole with blood there. We or i, have are trying to overthrow something or some like that. Near the end, i discovered it's all setup (as: it's just a dream), but some realities are still there, and they let me know i have to make a choice. (the whole dream is a positive experience, as if in a fantasy adventure game. (like Zelda Occarina of Time (but isn't a cheerful color)))

while i was semi-awake, i was thinking that i rate this dream the best in my life. Was thinking making a careful judgement because i know there are quite a few best ones, but was too busy to make fair judgement (For example, can't take time or brain space to recall what best dreams i had). Now, am fully awake, and i can't do because i don't even remember much of the dream. The dream is lucid, as most my dreams are.

…wasn't sure am gonna write this one out because i don't remember most of the dream. The above is perhaps just 30% of the theme, and 0% actual detail/content, and i just typed out as fast as possible. Whatever it makes out.