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the most critical period of a animal's life is when young. That's when death occur the most. Including, human animals. Thus, teen suicide, depression, and other risks. When a animal is young, he lacks experience to deal with survival, and is also physically weak, thus susceptible to predation (bullying) by others.

is your teen years hell? It's not surprising. Same applies to your daughters and sons.

this is not to be taken hysterically. Just a simple fact.

Reddit today isn't just a porn fodder. But stuff there is surpassing 4chan. See new info at bottom: Reddit = Porn Fodder

I always viewed Sweden as a model country. One of Northern Europe country, open views on sex, politics. But since wikileaks …

New twist of event on my youtube porn article: Larry Sanger Reported me to FBI

YouTube = Porn Fodder?

I support Wikileaks and Julian Assange.

However, Julian's personality isn't the winning type.

If you've watched him on video, you get the impression that he's more of a calculating, conniving, asocial, loner, type of fellow. Such a character trait does not express emotion spontaneously. A significant percentage of geeks are like that. It does not correlate to one's ethical outlook and behavior.

Even in a prepared commercial Wikileaks's Mastercard Parody, you see a rather distant fellow.

This is in contrast to politicians and salesmen types, where, these smooth operators smile and laugh with you readily, easily making you like them, but what they really have in mind is anyone's guess.

United Kingdom declares war on Ecuador over a broken condom in Sweden.

I Got Stoned Sold into Slave Trade

火烧圆明园是怎么回事? Burning of the Imperial Palace

Funny Cat Pics

Human Walking Speed, Power Walk, Racewalking

Sci-fi, Orgasm Machine, Pain Machine, and Human Suffering

Two Robbery Prank Videos

while updating the page The 2003 California GUBERNATORIAL thing RECALL (NSFW), discovered that Peter Camejo died in 2008.

TED2012: The only way to learn to fly is to fly

If you want to understand how, ask yourself this question, “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” It's an uncomfortable question, because it forces you to realize that the fear of failure holds you back. The path to new and innovative things always contains failure, but we're constantly afraid of it — we have to get over that fear. Dugan quotes Clemenceau, “Life gets interesting if you fail, because it means we've surpassed ourselves.”


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