I Got Stoned and Sold into Slave Trade

By Xah Lee. Date:

Xah's log, stardate 2012-08-10T22:38:56-07:00.

I'm a logician, and a rather extreme ascetic. But i got stoned for the first time in 30 years. Yesterday midnight.

stoned by R Crumb
Art of Robert Crumb

All the above symptoms was felt strongest 1 to 2 hours after the smoke. The whole time i lay myself there on sofa, unable and unwilling to move. Then naturally i let myself transit to sleep. Woke 4 hours later, and was somewhat relieved that major physiological effects are gone. I went back to sleep and more or less slept continuously for 24 hours.

it was cannabis, perhaps the most potent pure type (said to be 30% THC). I had only 3 inhales, but deep ones. I haven't smoked pot since teen. I was expecting high, but nothing like this.

i don't think the experience is out of ordinary of weed smokers on a good day. But its probably as high as cannabis would go.

Most people would enjoy these sensations. They seek it. But for me, perhaps due to first time, or perhaps due to me being a ascetic control freak, the experience was also terrifying: I wasn't able to control my body. My brain is tampered and dysfunctional. My face is a perm grin. My thoughts run around spy scenarios, where i'm the one being drugged. I thought i might not remember anything tomorrow, and it's all part of someone's plan.

drugs on body, and mind-control, brain-washing, are subjects that's always been fascinating to me. I recall once about 20 years ago i've been administered whole-body [ anesthesia ] [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anesthesia ] for taking out a tooth i think. After injection, i went to “sleep”. I don't remember a thing. Quite amazing.

playing with the senses is quite a amazing thing. The mysticism of altered state of consciousness, the science aspects of biochemistry, neuroscience, and the social aspects of mind-control, brain-washing, date-rape.

Read a bunch about cannabis today and yesterday (while i was still high and try to see what's happening to me). Here's some:

Had another draw. This time, i knew what's coming. So, i only took ONE SINGLE light inhale from the joint, thinking that i need to go back to code. My GOD, i'm conked out for good for 3 hours. And 6 hours afterward i function at some 50% normal efficiency.