Periodic Dosage Archive 2008-12

Why Not Ruby? (computing; computer language)

HTML Correctness (computing; html; xml; validator)

New star spangled cheerleader photo added to: Star Spangled Cheerleaders.

SSN-774 launching-s

Added a photo of flag painted submarine to the page Starry Americana.

Major update to my Visual Dictionary of Special Plane Curves website. For detail, see Special Plane Curves: What's New.

Music video: “Illusion” by VNV Nation. For lyrics, see: Illusion.

Unicode BOM Byte Order Mark Hack.

Some Wikipedia reading notes on zip, tar, gzip, rar, formats, added to the bottom of: ZIP, Open Source, Mother-Son Relationship.

Some Wikipedia readings on Leopard, Jaguar, Cougar. See Cats: physiology, sociology, communication et al..

Some Wikipedia reading on: Litre (a measuring unit for volume). See What is Watt-Hour?.

My brother is buying these items:

My brother was using Netflix to watch thru streaming the movie The Collector (1965). I remember that film. It was a great film about a kidnapper who kidnap women and hope they fall in love with him. The film makes a analogy to collecting butterflies. (in the movie, i recall, some women did develop emotional attachment for the guy. This phonemonen the psychologists dubbed Stockholm syndrome). After reading the Wikipedia article on the film, i discovered serial murderers: Leonard Lake and Charles Ng. They kidnapped, raped and tortured, killed tens of women, and made video recordings of it. So, this answers a “Snuff film” to the affirmative. Wow, Wikipedia article on that has quite a lot info now.

Some porn links added to the bottom of: Xah's Porn Outspeak; You Porn!, page 2.

Some personal preferences on office chairs, added to bottom of: Design Stupidities of the Mundane.

Suggestions on Emacs's Line Wrap Commands (computing; tutorial)

A Example of Mathematica's Expressiveness (computing; computer languages)

Architecture Beauties (photography; geometry)

Suggestions on Emacs's mark-word Command (computing; emacs)

Self-powered lighting

Great list of free Mac apps:

A group of United Kingdom moralists try to censor a image on Wikipedia, saying that it promotes or spread child pornography.

Virgin Killer
The cover of album Virgin Killer. The album is from German's heavy metal band Scorpions, released in 1976.

For detail, see bottom of: The Free Lunch of Concerns of Concern of Children.

Annotated short fiction: To Build a Fire, By Jack London, 1908. A great short story about a human animal, where if his effort in building a fire fails he ceases to be alive.

Added a function template completition to my LSL mode for emacs. See: Linden Scripting Language with Emacs. (computing; emacs; LSL; Second Life)

Process a File line-by-line in Emacs Lisp (computing; tutorial)

Added a Skye Faery Castle screenshot at Exotic Architectures in Second Life.

A Mathematica Optimization Problem. (computing; math; tutorial)

How To Add Alt To Image Tags With Emacs Lisp (computing; emacs; tutorial)

Russell Towle Died (1949 to 2008). (mathematician; Xah Lee)

I bought a monitor last month. It is “LG L227WTG 22-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor”. Buy at amazon It has pixel dimension of 1680x1050. Am very happy with it.

A look at today's: Display resolution