Periodic Dosage Archive 2007-11

Excursion into evolutionary biology:

A quote from the Sexual Selection article:

Sexual selection is the theory proposed by Charles Darwin that states that the frequency of traits can increase or decrease depending on the attractiveness of the bearer. Biologists today distinguish between “male to male combat” (it is usually males who fight), “mate choice” (usually female choice of male mates) and “mate coercion” (forced mating). Traits selected for by male combat are called “weapons”, and traits selected by mate choice are called “ornaments”.

Graphics Programing Pains (computing; essay)

Lisp's List Problem (computing; essay)

Added a essay to Encyclopedia, My Experiences (article)

Monolithic Webpages (computing)

Linus Flames Lisp. (computing industry)

I'm banned on Freenode's irc emacs channel since about 2006-10, and the ban was never lifted as of . The ban is primarily, and single-handedly executed by John Sullivan (aka johnsu01).

I started to use freenode's irc emacs channel in about 2005-12. I was banned in that channel on and off before 2006-10, and the reguglars on that channel discussed the issue on a emacs wiki ( But few months after the permanent ban by John Sullivan, the entire page is removed. I have saved it, and the complete saved page, unedited, is here: Kickban Xah Lee From Emacs Channel.

The strengths of the academic enterprise (essay)

LISP Logo (graphics art; logo design)

Qi logo mid

Qi Language Logo. (graphics art; logo design)

Tips for Good Logo Design.

4 more stories from Arabian Nights: The Tale of the Wazir and the Sage Duban, King Sindibad and his Falcon, The Tale of the Husband and the Parrot, The Tale of the Prince and the Ogress.

Tips For Editing Lisp Code With Emacs. (computing)

Today, our apartment Condominium installed new washing machines in the laundry room. It is front-loading, as opposed to top-loading. This is my first time using a front-loading washer. I was quite curious what are the pros and cons. I read wikip: Washing machine. In short, front-loading is quite more efficient and simpler as well. It uses less water, and thus less detergent, and uses less electricity.

Mac OS X Keybinding and Unicode Tips.

Processing HTML with Emacs Lisp: Transform FAQ Tags (computing)

A architect designs buildings, we knew all that. But what is the actual daily activities of a architect actualy do? Drawing? What does she actually must know as a qualification? See Architect.

The Tale Of The Bull And The Ass. (literature)

Linux: Sync Across Machines, rsync

Re-read Story Of King Shahryar And His Brother (literature)

I'm starting to write Xah's PHP Tutorial. (computing)

胡彦斌 - 红颜 (Beauty) (lyrics translation)

What is Watt-Hour? (physics)

Emacs lisp lesson: Execute/Compile Current File. (computing)

Hotline Communications. A programer Adam Hinkley, then 17, wrote a piece of software, then joined a company, then ends up in a well publized legal battle. This is during 2001. It seems to me, this type of software is not used much today, subsumed by web-based apps. Though, am looking for one that has forum and chat abilities.