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Updated: WASP Enlist God to Fight Communism

Percentage of Europe beliving in God
Degree of godlessness in Europe. The darker are more godly. See Demographics of atheism.

It is surprising to know, that UK and France have high percentage of Atheism. The top Atheist countries in Europe are: Norway, Sweden, England (not including Ireland), France, Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany. The worst shit godly states are: Porteguese, Poland, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Romania. And of course, outside of Europe, USA is the Jesusland and vast majority middle-east countries are almost pure Allah land.

Lyrics appreciation: Beautiful Things, by Andain.

Hypathia, Lady Godiva

Added a painting of Lady Godiva to the page.

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The Art of Torture: a Photographic Tour

Most Frequently Used Elisp Functions

Polyphasic sleep

i did bi-phasic sleep for a number of years during early 1990s, and still do now and then. (basically, my sleeping cycle throughout my life is haphazard, that on average i live a 25-hour day and in general sleep when i feel tired, except when i cant (i.e. have a regular job))

my theory was that, given that one sleeps 8 hours in 24 hours, so that for each unit of sleep, one can have 2 units of activity. i.e. sleep for n hour, be awake for 2*n hours. Or, that one can divide the sleeping time for a 24 hour period into several segments.

I did this for 2 segments. i.e. sleep 4 hours twice a day, somewhat in a rigorously for 1 year or 2 in the early 1990s. My goal of these division and experiment was to reduce sleeping time. (at those times, i recall reading that the function of sleep is not known, and some source even suggest it is not needed. (this is incorrect as i know now))

what made a impression to me the most is that, that the body quickly adapts to it (2-cycle sleep), no less natural than regular 1-time 8 hour sleep. And, when it is time to wake up or go to sleep, your body will automatically wake you up or make you tired.

when i did the 2 cycle sleep, i think i was able to do 3 hours sleep twice a day, a total of 6 hours sleep a day. I didn't really tried to push this, nor having tried more than 2 cycles a day. (i was going to college at the time. Dividing it further becomes impractical with work or school life. But besides that, i never really thought that sleep time can be practically divided into so many cycles (with respect to human biology) such that each duration is as short as 1 hour or 20 min as described in the wikipedia article)

i read a lot about sleeping related research (in news, library) and about dreams (in particular lucid dreaming). However, my experiences is that, these readings are not comparable to the size and depth in wikipedia articles we have today. (nor the convenience, of course). If wikipedia existed back then and i've read, i'd be more ready to experiment with sleep and be more methodological.

Word Frequencies in Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus

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Are You Schizoid or Autistic?

On Copyright and its duration. Added to support living artists essay.

Finished reading Aladdin (with annotations). In the coming days, will go over and clean up the annotation.

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Cleaned up: [ A Word A Day, 2004-03]

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Cleaned up: [ A Word A Day, 2004-01]

Web Keywords and Taxonomy

Feeling mighty sad at the moment. Because, sold for big bucks to google, and am feeling worthless for not having done similar or already rich and successful.

In my life, the concept success is the bane. When i hear or read in news papers someone who is a millionaire, big corporate CEO, awarded for math theories, or otherwise famed for success, i will feel miserable. This is due, to my upbringings of my asshole dad. Traffic Report 2006

world according to usa-s351x178
The Stereotypical American

Added a book: Shutting Out the Sun: How Japan Created Its Own Lost Generation. by Michael Zielenziger, to the bottom of: Japan Culture

Cleaned up: [ A Word A Day, 2004-02]

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Some notes about Content Management Shootout 2006

Writing Honesty

Annotated: Gulliver's Travels, part 3 chapter 7.

my health: been having chest pain: Chest pains.

Recently, been active with my a word a day

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Crop circles are becoming beautiful! (old news). Crop Circle Gallery.

Elisp Lesson: wrap-url (computing)

• Added a Body Building section to the body and mind modification essay.

• Annotated one chapter of Arabian Nights

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Added castration to the body modification essay.

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The Tragedy Of Titus Andronicus

Finally, completed the annotation of Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus. I'll probably go thru a second phase of annotation and clean up in the coming months.

Added photos to: flag porn 1 flag porn 2, flag porn 5. (NOTE: PHOTOS SHOW VULVAE)