Periodic Dosage Archive 2006-08

Java Tutorial: complex numbers

Great article on Chinese the language. Why Chinese Is So Damn Hard, 1991, by David Moser, University of Michigan Center for Chinese Studies.

At night while aleep, i would suddently have a uncontrollable and invonlentary jerk of my body muscles, in particular my lower body and my thighs and legs. I don't know how often it happens, or when did it start to happen. Maybe every 3 or 4 months? or maybe in my beginning 30s? I never thought about this, but always worried subsconsciously that it's a sign of dotage and suppressed thinking about it. While reading wikipedia today, on Cannabis_(drug) , from which i also read Paramnesia (déjà vu), then i ran into this article: Hypnic jerk.

Added a section at bottom: Sorting in Perl and Python

Leda and the Swan (visual art)

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erotic sculpture at Khajuraho temple

Khajuraho temple.

Jerónimos Monastery (photo)


1421 hypothesis

Added photos to: Airplane propellers

Annotated one chapter of Gullivers_Travels

Goddesses of the Far East

Added a image to: Stereographic Projected Beauties

Just realized that there is actually an entire site complaining about dreamhost: Dreamhost is the company that kicked me out of their account unfairly. See: Harassment

• Major update: Wandering Stars (lyrics and literature)

Christianity, Islam as Violent Cults

In Chinese culture, we have these types of eggs: 皮蛋, 鹹鴨蛋, and also 茶葉蛋. What are they exactly? See:

Added a photo of Jessica Simpson to Stars in USA flag page.

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Architecture: Atomium (Iron Crystal Building)

Major update Great Math Programs

The State of Affairs of DVD Rippers!

Colonization of Mars

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Saw a couple of porn vid recently. They feature a blonde twins, very young, doing anal. Like, taking a cock out of a sister's asshole and put in her mouth, and switch roles. Who are they and what is their nature? Wikipedia comes to the rescue: Cherish and Cali.

Watching porn i'm a master of. Downloading internet porn vid isn't foreign to me neither. But i haven't been “actively” watching porn flicks in some dedicated way, since about after the dot com boom (circa 2000). How did i discover this Cherish and Cali Twins? Ah, i discoverd them when i was searching and doing the song “Do It To It” by the group Cherish, as blogged here: Do It To It

Back to the Cherish and Cali… go read their interviews linked at the wikipedia bottom. Looks like, they are suing the website miltontwin which they worked for… many bad stories, and they were made to look younger by wearing fake braces… Ah… the porn industry, filled with backstabbing and power struggle, just like any industry of the human animals. Also note here a past essay: Xah's Porn Outspeak