Art of Sexual Positions, page 3

By Xah Lee. Date:
69 sex position
Two women doing the 69 sex position. Note the symmetry in the shape of 69. This position is inevitably assumed when the man's tongue is on the woman's vulva and the woman's mouth is enclosing the man's penis.

A unique property of 69 is simultaneous mutual oral sex.

spoon sex position
Spoon sex position. This position is called spoon because the position is visually analogous to stacked spoons. There is a certain asymmetry here, because men can spoon women, but women can't really spoon man. Spooning is also good if the penis is going into the female's ass hole.
butterfly sex position

This is so-called the butterfly position. The key here, is that the woman lies face up on a bed or couch, with her ass on the edge, and the man stands or kneels on the floor and penetrates her. Their torsos forms a right angle. The male, may lift the girl's hindquarters freely, and the girl may spread her legs wide apart, or wrap around the guy, or straighten up and prop on the guy's shoulders. This position is called butterfly presumedly because when the girl's legs are wide apart, and when the pumping is active, her legs simulate the movements of the wings of a butterfly.

threesome sex position
Threesome, or, ménage à trois. Threesomes are often coded by the sexes involved. In this case, Male/male/female or MMF. In a MMF situation, the women can be penerated in the mouth and in the vagina at the same time, or, in her ass and in her pussy.

Mathematically, there are 3 holes and 2 pegs. The 2 pegs can fill any two holes simultaneously. Both pegs jamming into any single hole, may it be mouth, vagina, or rectum, are also seen in pornography.

threesome sex position
Male/female/female threesome, performing a oral-genital daisy-chain. As far as two sexes are involved, MFF form of threesome is far more common than MMF.