Art of Sexual Positions, page 2

By Xah Lee. Date:
The doggy position.

The doggy position is one of the most basic position. It is a position where quadrupedal animals copulate. Bipedal animals such as men, can simulate quadrupeds just as quadrupeds can simulate bipeds by standing on their hindlegs. The name doggy-position came from that of dogs, the most common quadruped in contact with men in modern times.

frog leap sex position
Leap-frog position. A common variant of doggy-style. If the woman lay prostrate on the surface, as in this illustration, it's known as leapfrog position, because it is reminiscent of the children's game Leapfrog.
sex position
The Kneeling sex position, is a variant of doggy style where the woman stands on twos, instead of all-fours.
stand carry sex-position
Stand'n'carry, or, reverse-piggy-back position.
A variant of the lotus sex position.

Have you seen a Buddha sitting on a lotus? You know, sits on the butt with legs in a intertwined crossing such that the right foot rests on the left thigh and the left foot rests on the right thigh, with soles facing up. Such a sitting position is called the lotus position. It is also one of the most basic posture of yoga, and does take some flexibility and getting used to.

If a man assumes a lotus posture and a woman sits on the penis of the man, then that's the lotus sex position. That'd be the ultimate zen of copulation. In the illustration above, the boy kneel instead, which decreases penis exposure and does not provide a flat surface for the woman to sit on.

sex position
Lap-sitting position. This term, is reminiscent of lap-dancing. That is to say, girls astride on men's lap and dance. In this practice, it is not so much of a performance of dancing, but intimacy as a service.