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By Xah Lee. Date:
sex position
Missionary Position. It is said that when the WASP missionaries arrived in continental America, they saw doggy position practiced by the natives like animals, and proceeded to proselytize them the gospel of the God-pleasing position and Christianity. This is, however, most likely a urban myth.

According to Wikipedia: Missionary position, the term was started by the sexologist Alfred Kinsey in his Kinsey Reports.

sex position
Cowgirl Position. Cowboys, ride horses; by sexual transgression of the word, cowgirl is created to denote females who hold the job of cowboys, even though it doesn't exactly exist. It is similar to the situation where we have wide spread of female warriors or femme fatale or courageous heroine in tales throughout history, invariably all beautiful. Now, since in this position the woman rides like riding a horse, thus it's called cowgirl position.
cowgirl sex position
Another illustration of the cowgirl position. In this image, we see that the woman assumed a position that facilitates up-and-down movement, while the man helps in the up movement cycle.
sex position
A variant of the cowgirl position. The cowgirl bends forward so that her breasts touch her man, and they can exchange saliva.

Woman on top position is sometimes known as Amazon position. The “Amazon” here refers to the Amazons of Greek mythology, comprising female warriors and females only and all warriors. By imagination, Amazons being beautiful, strong, independent, and controlling as opposed to being controlled, thus woman-on-top is aka Amazon position. When a woman is on top, she has control of the situation. In general, men do not wish women to be on top, nor women. For copulation, it may be different.

According to zoologist Desmond Morris in his Intimate Behavior, the woman-on-top is the origin of Belly dancing.

sex position
Reverse cowgirl.
sex position
The legs-up position.

Art by Rama. Used with permission. By the artist's request, you shall also be free to use these images provided that you allow others to do so too.

For technical info about sexual positions, see Wikipedia: Sexual positions.

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