Art of 水野純子 (Junko Mizuno)

By Xah Lee. Date:

Junko Mizuno (born 1973) is a Japanese artist. She draws cute dolls-like girls with unwholesome theme. For example, girls visiting gynecologist. Or girls with a milk bottle that seems to be droplets of cum, or girls eating babes. All extremely cute.

Mizuno-Junko's official website is at

burger girl girls in snake buoy suckling devil babies girl in hot coffin girl eating bone hell babies
genie girl
my interpertation of this one is the cultural exchange of 21st century American and Japan. Look at the blonde darling barbie doll, directing and grabbing the hair of a geisha, who is busily devouring the hamberger, amid a demented Japanese backdrop.

Hell Babes is one of her book, you can buy at Buy at amazon. Par Excellence.

Erotic Visual Arts