City of Lost Children

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City of Lost Children

“The singular burden of solitude spares no one, not even great minds.”

City of Lost Children
Miette and her man. Miette is played by Judith Vittet (born 1986).
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city of lost children 059

I love the little girl Miette (Judith Vittet)

“Sincerity always wins.”

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city of lost children 063

fantasy, fairy tale, surreal, gloomy. There are a bunch of queer characters, some are extremely sad.

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city of lost children 071
conjoined twin hag
Conjoined twin hag. City of Lost Children
fish tank brain
Irvin suffers from chronic migraine, and Irvin is a brain living in a fish tank.

Krank, who is of a supreme mind but he is incapable of dreaming. He steals dreams from children but obtains only nightmares.

City of Lost Children


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