Hong Kong People Psychological Scar

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Hong Kong People Psychological Scar

U have to unstand what is propaganda. Propaganda is not just fake stuff. Propaganda is filling ur brain with certain things. For example, u posting that chinese people crying for uk queen, means, u been brainwashed and dunno it.

Let me tell u about the hong kong people story. Which i have told here. The hong kong people, has a severe mental scar. Once upon a time, a elite skum beats up a couple, crippled them, and took away their 1 years old baby, and raised as their own. U can see this story repeated to death in hk movies.

The elite skum, raised the kid, for one purpose: to become assasins. but the elite skum, got money. The kids grew up silver spooned. But, of course, one day, as adult, the kid discovered, that his parent is not his parent. He is set to kill his real parents, the poor sobs. Thus, the psychological struggle drama begins. Hong kong people, the mentality, is like that.

Fast cars, comfy living, skyscrapers, in HK, by a united kingdom empire, while they look across, saw their bloodline parents, toil n moil in rice fields, with chaos. The 1960s to 90s. Here, u drive bmws, drink star bucks, put on gucci bags, and talk hk democracy, and yonder, u see ya brothers in rags. Where u wanna be?

That, has been, the psychology of hong kong people in past 50 years or so at least. Also, as i said, the HK fuckers also look down at Taiwan chinese people, us. The rich pig fuckheads Hong Kongers.

The american, brit, euro, or other countries dunno these details. But we, chinamen, everyone knows.

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