Ethan Klein, h3h3 Youtuber

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Ethan Klein became a skumbag.

Ethan Klein, was a great easy going guy. He does YouTube videos, of the youngling slacker types. e.g. memes, online drama, etc, since 2011 according to Wikipedia.

Am not a fan. Am not into drugs, or the slacker life-style, and am not interested in comedy. But sometimes i observe what's going on with internet as cultural phenomenon, thus i've watched some of his videos.

I've watched about 10 of his videos since around 2018.

In particular, is the Hosseinzadeh v. Klein case, when some another YouTuber known as MattHossZone sued him for copyright violation. The case happened in 2016. It was a big YouTube incident, but i only learned about in in 2018 or so. This is the first time i knew about h3h3. I spend a day or two learning about the incident, and definitely sided with Ethan. Even though i consider him silly, but at least, a honest person. And since, have watched several of Ethan videos.

for example, those i recall are, Ethan Klein's interview of

Other than these, i really haven't watched h3h3.

but then, apparently, around early 2022, i heard that Ethan Klein joined the sjw gang, and was dissing Jordan Peterson. this is when, i think he became a skumbag.

here's history of h3h3

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