Humor: Liam Show: Shoes (Kelly song)

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Shoes is a hilarious comedy song.

Shoes, year 2006
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It's so funny. This character, mocks the American teen girl mannerism. But because she's not a girl, so it delineates outstandingly, A head toss, a eye roll, a cell phone call.

It's directed by and starring Liam Kyle Sullivan.

“Shoes” is the debut single by comedian Liam Kyle Sullivan, under his female Kelly character. It was released for digital download on August 29, 2006. The song has become popular in pop culture, and has been performed live many times. It also made Sullivan an icon in pop culture. Kelly appears in VH1's I Hate My 30's, as well as being in Weezer's video for “Pork and Beans”. The song also won the 2008 People's Choice Award for “Best User Generated Video”.[2] It is also Kelly's biggest hit to date.

A radio edit of the song was released, featuring screaming sounds in place of the repeated “Fuck you!” phrase near the end of the song.

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“What Kelly Wants to Be”

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