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when i was a teenager (1980s), there's this graphics novel with fanstastic detailed drawings.

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this one had a strong impression on me. She's a warrior. She's strong, beautiful. She fights other warriors, and monsters, sorcerers, has to trek thousands of miles on foot, and also has to fend off lascivious men. Such women are my admiration.

I only recalled it was something called she-wolf. Now i dug up. The title is Marada the She-wolf. The illustrator is John Bolton.

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Marada, the She-Wolf is a fantasy comic book fictional character created for Epic Comics by writer Chris Claremont and English artist John Bolton. She first appeared in Epic Illustrated #10 (Feb. 1982). The story was originally planned for the character of Red Sonja, Conan's sometime partner, but had to be changed due to issues surrounding the then-in-production Red Sonja movie with Brigitte Nielsen. Claremont moved the historical milieu from the Hyborian Era to the Roman Empire, and changed her hair from red to silver. This change of character from Red Sonja to Marada resulted in some dispute over ownership of the character. Since Marada's adventures were first published in the creator-owned series Epic Illustrated, the rights to her character were eventually given to writer Claremont and artist Bolton.[1]

Marada is introduced as “her mother was the first born of Caesar,”[2] though it is unclear if this refers to Julius Caesar or to a current emperor (bearing the generic title of “Caesar”) during the Imperial age. Her adventures are a mix of fantasy and history, told from an adult point of view. Together with her friend, the princess Arianrod, she fights against evil demons, wizards, witches and other fantastic creatures, but also against the threats a woman could expect from a world ruled by males.

In a tip of the hat to New Mutants #32, Marada met a woman named Ashake in the graphic novel, and in a nod to Giant-Size Dracula #2, a demon named Y'Garon.

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the illustrator is John Bolton (illustrator).

John Bolton (born 23 May 1951 in London, England) is a British comic book artist and illustrator most known for his dense, painted style, which often verges on photorealism. He was one of the first British artists to come to work in the American comics industry,[1] a phenomenon which took root in the late 1980s and has since become standard practice.

[2017-06-11 Wikipedia John Bolton (illustrator)]

John Bolton's website

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