Chapter 5: “Pretty Little Girls' School”: The Structure Of Lojban selbri

1. Lojban content words: brivla

2. Simple tanru

3. Three-part tanru grouping with “bo”

4. Complex tanru grouping

5. Complex tanru with “ke” and “ke'e”

6. Logical connection within tanru

7. Linked sumti: “be--bei--be'o”

8. Inversion of tanru: “co”

9. Other kinds of simple selbri

10. selbri based on sumti: “me”

11. Conversion of simple selbri

12. Scalar negation of selbri

13. Tenses and bridi negation

14. Some types of asymmetrical tanru

15. Some types of symmetrical tanru

16. “Pretty little girls' school”: forty ways to say it