Chapter 18: lojbau mekso: Mathematical Expressions in Lojban

26. Table of MOI cmavo, with associated rafsi and place structures

mei x1 is a mass formed from a set x2
    of n members, one or more of which is/are x3,
    [measured relative to the set x4/by standard x4]
rafsi: mem, mei

moi x1 is the (n)th member of set x2
    when ordered by rule x3 [by standard x4]
rafsi: mom, moi

si'e    x1 is an (n)th portion of mass x2
    [by standard x3]
rafsi: none

cu'o    event x1 has probability (n) of occurring
    under conditions x2 [by standard x3]
rafsi: cu'o (borrowed from cunso; see c18-§20)