Why Do Human Cook?

By Xah Lee. Date: .

i wonder why human animals cook. how we r not like cats, just eat raw. that seems convenient. so it began 1 million years ago...

cooking history 2019-06-22 btyc6
cooking history 2019-06-22

still, the wikipedia article doesn't explain why we cook.

often we r told to cook meat thoroughly to kill bacteria. but how's cat tiger and all don't have this problem? did million years of cooking changed our stomach ?

knut jackowski cooked food 2019-06-22
knut jackowski cooked food 2019-06-22
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so, after reading a bit, apparently, cooking is actually the only thing set us human apart from other animals. It changed our biology million years ago. this is significant to me. i never buy arguments about how human are different from other animal, but this, yes.

follow up question: can human still eat raw food (meat and veggie), and never cook anything, without getting sick? i.e. or our body changed that we can no longer? i guess we actually are not be able to chew much of raw cow meat. @michaelkpate @doxanthropos @SpottyMatt @WoonaACute @batchout

Brains, brawn and the evolution of the human body: Daniel Lieberman at TEDxBermuda

omg 😂, this guy looks exactly like homo simpson, Daniel Lieberman