Social Network Jargons

By Xah Lee. Date: .

social network jargons, tweet, server, channel, room, forum

By the way I like to use the words forum to refer to any online site. And room for channel or whatever each's technicality name . Cuz the word forum is general, and it signify the gist of it, namely, place where human animals gather to talk. This goes back to thousands of years. None of the current fashionable techno obfuscating jargons. Sometimes the jargons are used as ad, such as Twitter's tweet, and people don't even know it. The numbing of the brain. The discord's techno jargon “server”, is also problematic. It is not server in any technical sense. By the way, the above criticism of jargons, describes my diction style. As some of you may notice, i am idiosyncratic in my use of words. In general, avoid jargon, obfuscation, euphemism, complexity. Pick words that are simple, universal, ancient, and are gist of things.