Foodie -- What a Offensive Word

By Xah Lee. Date:

[of those who put “foodie” on their profile in online social networks]

foodie. What a effing word. Offensive to my eyes.

i enjoy food too. I particular enjoy killing other animals, skin them, cut their body, and eat them. The blood and danger is a thrill that keeps me alive. Though, modern society has deprived me the pleasure as well as the labor of the killing, or the pleasure of running a slaughter house.

although i imagine if i had to do it everyday just to taste the flesh of a cow or birdie, it'd be becoming a drudge. But it's the basics of life i'd like to keep in touch. This, i would do instead of watching some horror or thriller movies.

so yeah, i enjoy food. But not just eating animals. Plants too. Slash them, uproot them, skin them, eat their seeds and pulps. Hell yeah. To be honest, nuts, broccoli, leafy greens, carrot, ARE among my favorite foods. Usually preferring them raw. And i've been eating lots of them about every other day for the past decade. (not so much broccoli recently)

but the word “foodie”… that word carries as much insult as “yuppie”, “emo”, “heavy metal”, “collateral damage” -- demented and un-natural by-products of info-age animals who think they are hip n rad.

on the subject of words describing food, i'd prefer: victuals, edibles, sustenance, provisions, ration. For those foodies, i propose you say on your resume: viands lover.

foodies are those human animals who are numb fat living zombies with undying mouths.

and let's not mention gourmet. Don't remind me those fat rich bourgeoisie. Spare me a dime.