Chinese Phrase: Dripping Beauty 娇艳欲滴

By Xah Lee. Date:

«吃完面走到店门口,一个等外卖的美女坐在那里,没有化妆品,没有photoshop,娇艳欲滴。我想这样自然美艳的姑娘,如再拥有银铃一样的声音,就太完美了。这时美女说话了:“操他妈的biang面也太慢了。” 银铃一样…» (from twitter 赵兄 @fndhrt)

in English:

as i was walking out the noodle house, there's this chick waiting for takeout. No makeup, not photoshopped, beautiful and stunning. I was thinking, if her voice is like a nightingale, it'd be perfect. In that moment she spoke: “What's Fucking taking so long.”. Nightingale…

“娇艳欲滴”, what a phrase!

What could possibly drip? Of course, it's simile to morning dew. What else?

娇 艳 欲 滴

the “biang” there is a invented character for a noodle house: Biángbiáng noodles

[etymology of Voluptuous] «late 14c., “of desires or appetites,” from O.Fr. voluptueux, from L. voluptuosus “full of pleasure, delightful,” from voluptas “pleasure, delight,” from volup “pleasurably,” perhaps ultimately related to velle “to wish,” from PIE *wol-/*wel- “be pleasing” (see will (v.)). Meaning “addicted to sensual pleasure” is recorded from mid-15c. Sense of “suggestive of sensual pleasure” is attested from 1816 (Byron); especially in reference to feminine beauty from 1839.»