Sex in Second Life: Video Interview with Paisley Beebee

By Xah Lee. Date:
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Paisley Beebe interviews Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge owner Stephanie Steamweaver.

“Virtual Sex In Second Life”.

Supposedly, Stephanie's club is now the number one sex spot in sl, and yet she's been in sl only for 3 months.

In the interview, when asked if this is something new to you or have you done before in real life, Stephanie's says:

… i have my fair collection of things …

That's LOL.

I haven't looked into sex in sl for about 3 years now. (first year is all sex). I suppose her success is the voice part. Most other sex places shy away from using voice.

Of course, there's also sl-made millionaire Stroker Serpentine selling virtual sex furnitures. For video interview, see: Second Life Product Market Value.

Paisley Beebee closed shop. Here's her farewell.

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