Sex in Second Life: Video Interview with Paisley Beebee

By Xah Lee. Date:

Paisley Beebe interviews Dirty Talk Voice Sex Lounge owner Stephanie Steamweaver.

link dead [] “Virtual Sex In Second Life”.

Supposedly, Stephanie's club is now the number one sex spot in sl, and yet she's been in sl only for 3 months.

In the interview, when asked if this is something new to you or have you done before in real life, Stephanie's says:

… i have my fair collection of things …

That's LOL.

I haven't looked into sex in sl for about 3 years now. (first year is all sex). I suppose her success is the voice part. Most other sex places shy away from using voice.

Of course, there's also sl-made millionaire Stroker Serpentine selling virtual sex furnitures. For video interview, see: Second Life Product Market Value.

Paisley Beebee closed shop. Here's her farewell.