Feminism Perving 2014-11

How Male and Female Choose Sexual Partner

if you are woman, being pretty is what you want to be, because that's how men chose mates. But, chances are, you'll have at least one sexual partner in life, for sure.

if you are man, you need to be rich or powerful, because that's how women chose mates. You need to fight, kill, other men, because, chances are, you'll never mate in life.

that's how things are. And, the way women and men chose mates is because to maximize their chances of having children. And, that is because biology, namely, men can spread his seed all his life, at any time, with multiple women, while women can be reproductive only when young, and each time only one, and that takes a year, and once born, you are biologically burdened to take care of the child for years.

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great musical, but the 2 twits at the end ruin'd it.

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