Feminism Perving 2014-04

today i learned, that the story of Europa (Europe is named after) and Pasiphae (of Minotaur and labyrinth fame) are the same origin. They have to do with sex with bull.

see: http://www.rejectedprincesses.com/. Read the stories there.

Sexual Cannibalism

Mono - “Ingénue”

A song of classic polyamory. “you and me and her” -- every man's dream. You And Your Friend 🎶

Menstruation: What is the Evolutionary or Biological Purpose of Having Periods?

Pretty Girl, Elitism, Human Facial Expressions (repost)

Gay Activists Screw Society

gay people were fucked because there are righteous fuckheads in society. Now, the fuckheads are the #lgbt activists. #MozillaCEO

see [For the Record and The Tragedy of Mozilla By David Flanagan. At https://medium.com/p/7645a4bf8a2 , accessed on 2014-04-05 ]

David Flanagan is the author of JavaScript: The Definitive Guide and other books. [see JavaScript and Ruby Books by David Flanagan, and Man-made Complexity in Computer Languages]

finish her mortal combat condom