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Women Don't Want To Run Startups Because They'd Rather Have Children: Women and Penelope Trunk

beauty and the beast: what's the evolutionary psychology's reason for men preferring beautiful women?

saw a tweet on Chinese weibo, saying that the worst is for you (men) to worry about your looks, because, women don't care. They care about your ability, personality, your commitment to her.

true enough. (is this critically true? well, i think so, but not gonna worry about that now) What got me thinking, is what's the reason that men care about women's looks, but in particular, she be beautiful, not just young.

men like young, and that's because only young ones have more chance of reproduction. But why beautiful? well, youth and beauty are connected, but, the thing is, say there are 5 college teens walking on a street, and say one has the looks of models, but the others are homely. The most beautiful one will be our focus. What's the evolutionary psychology's explanation for this?

O, btw, have you heard of “beauty and the beast”? It's a perennial tale, in fairy tales, folk lores, or today, in movies, novels, posters, comics. (For example, phamtom of the opera) Male, can be extremely ugly, even a monster, and there can be love between him and a most beautiful girl. However, you never hear a story of a hero loving a ugly or old woman. This reflects our behavior.



selfie i know nothing
“I know that I know nothing” -- Socrates. (img src http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT541adeFzc)

“To know what you know and what you do not know, that is true knowledge.” -- Confucius

24 years ago, a mad gunman killed 14 women on campus, in the name of (anti)-feminism. École Polytechnique massacre

barbie vs he-man

porn stars -- a walk of life…

when you follow porn stars (For example, on twitter), a sector of walks of life, you get to know their lives. They are, made of meat, like you and me, not from what movies or feminism or academic fucks want you to believe

and, one thing you learn about porn stars is that every month or so, they have to do HIV test. Like, they post photo of gauze on their arm that's after the blood test. Ugh. All profession has its pains.

polyhedron chocolate dice
Valentine's Day Gift for a Platonic Relationship: Regular Polyhedrons Chocolates image source