Feminism Perving 2013-09

Should You Marry a Rich Bad Guy or Poor Kind Guy?
Elva Hsiao-Diamond Candy
diamond and lollipop -- The perpetual iconography of nubile girls

thx to sex, today's mind is brought to you by nubile and nubility, fecund and fecundity, fertile and fertility, and virile and virility (speaking of men).

that's a album art of Asian singer 萧亚轩 ♪ And I Know

The Harm of Active Voice in Online Dating #dating #feminism #lgbt

don't say “in a civil union” in your online profile marital status.

say “married to a man”, “married to a woman”, or “sleeping around”.

“civil union” my ass.

What Do Women Want in a Date? Billion Dollars Market Research Tells (updated)

porn with the right lighting

It's Not Porn... [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
Sep 10, 2013

human animals have locomotion, by which u go from A to B. When u do locomotion but dont go anywhere, it's called dance. Reading Notes on “Intimate Behavior”

yester i discovered a mysterious site called http://waitbutwhy.com/。By my ∞ wisdom and meticulous analysis,i foretell,it's a female.

for you queer buffs, today's quip is bought to you buy: yester, buff, meticulousness, and in conjunction with foretell.

japanese anime girl innocent panties exposure
Japanese anime girl innocent panties exposure

Glimpse of Panties in Japanese Anime, Innocent?

'tis How Love is Made

see Bedrock - For What You Dream Of (Trainspotting)

Billy Idol ♪ Sweet Sixteen Note here, it's sweet 16, not sweet 18, 21. Nor sweet 30, 40.

female is a holed version of male. biology says. woman is a rib of man. god says. Now go make me a sandwich.

as long as there's 50 Shades of Gray, i feel safe from the wrath of a few gender feminists. Girls, please keep showing me your tits and legs. Cosmopolitan, keep publishing❗

Can I have you? Just kidding you don't have a choice get in the trunk. (from Jenna Marbles's twitter https://twitter.com/FunnyJokeBook )

pussy, thy name is succulence.