Feminism Perving Archive 2013-09

Should You Marry a Rich Bad Guy or Poor Kind Guy?
Elva Hsiao-Diamond Candy
diamond & lollipop — The perpetual iconography of nubile girls

thx to sex, today's mind is brought to you by nubilenubility, fecundfecundity, fertilefertility, and virilevirility (speaking of men).

that's a album art of Asian singer 萧亚轩 ♪〈And I Know〉 (song) 🎶

The Harm of Active Voice in Online Dating #dating #feminism #lgbt

don't say “in a civil union” in your online profile marital status.

say “married to a man”, “married to a woman”, or “sleeping around”.

“civil union” my ass.

What Do Women Want in a Date? Billion Dollars Market Research Tells (updated)

porn with the right lighting

“It's not porn…”

human animals have locomotion, by which u go from A to B. When u do locomotion but dont go anywhere, it's called dance. Reading Notes on “Intimate Behavior”

yester i discovered a mysterious site called waitbutwhy。By my ∞ wisdom & meticulous analysis,i foretell,it's a female.

for you queer buffs, today's quip is bought to you buy: yester, buff, meticulousness, and in conjunction with foretell.

japanese anime girl innocent panties exposure
Japanese anime girl innocent panties exposure

Glimpse of Panties in Japanese Anime, Innocent?

'tis How Love is Made

Trainspotting: Renton meets Diane

see Bedrock ♪〈For What You Dream Of〉 (Trainspotting) 🎶

Billy Idol ♪〈Sweet Sixteen〉 🎶. Note here, it's sweet 16, not sweet 18, 21. Nor sweet 30, 40.

female is a holed version of male. biology says. woman is a rib of man. god says. Now go make me a sandwich.

as long as there's 〈50 Shades of Gray〉, i feel safe from the wrath of a few gender feminists. Girls, please keep showing me your tits & legs. 〈Cosmopolitan〉, keep publishing❕

Can I have you? Just kidding you don't have a choice get in the trunk. (from Jenna Marbles's twitter https://twitter.com/FunnyJokeBook )

pussy, thy name is succulence.