Feminism Perving 2011-12

How Did You Spent Xmas Eve?

24號晚上跟弟弟聊qq。問我平安夜怎麼過。我說沒事幹,睡覺…… 然後弟弟說:“我媽問你是一個人睡還是兩個人睡”……


on xmas eve, i was chatting with my little brother online. He asked how i spent the night. I said “nothing much, went to bed…” then brother replied “mom asked whether it's 1 person or 2 persons” …

From [Aenon SUN (孙锡麟) https://plus.google.com/101115235679473513568/posts], [https://plus.google.com/101115235679473513568/posts/1aettsRhCU7]

Sephora Logo: Innocently Feminine?

Sephora, with its nether slit logo, catering to females in heat.

The question here is: whether the logo is innocently a flame shaped thing, or does it allude to nether lips by design.

perm url: Sephora Logo: Innocently Feminine?

Alien Ass from Outer Space

alien female ass
“the ass of moralists” -- A photo illustrating the female ass, as it appears on Wikipedia article Buttoks in 2008-01. [ image source 2010-01-24 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Image-Ass_2.jpg ]

Update: Wikipedia, Vulva, and the Ass from Outer Space

illustrated guide to ESRB
“Illustrated Guide to ESRB” (2010) By Josué Pereira at nerfnow.com. 700×1000

Illustrated Guide to ESRB

Final Fantasy VIII, Ballroom Dance Scene

Final Fantasy VIII, Ballroom Dance Scene

For those with a acute eye for the ethology of human animals, notable in this video is the mannerism of male vs female in courtship.

Observe, the way the girl signals the guy for a dance, and the way the guy responds for a affirmative.

For the song related to this video, see: Faye Wong - Eyes on Me (Final Fantasy VIII).

“Girls That Piss Me Off” By JennaMarbles

Sexual Equality but Please Buy Me Dinner and Diamonds

“How To Get Ready For A Date” By JennaMarbles

Humor: How to Get Ready for a Date

wearing the same shirt guys vs girls-c100-d4

Difference Between Male and Female

human furniture Francois-Rupert Carabin
Fauteuil by François-Rupert Carabin. 2736×3648

More at Human Furniture (photo gallery)

internet self-portraits by gender
Internet Self-Portraits by Gender

See also: Postures of Female and Male.

The Cream of Chick Porn


In The Service Of The King by Laura Kaye
In The Service Of The King by Laura Kaye.

What Do Women Want? Romance Novels Tell it All