Phantom of the Opera, Don Juan Triumphant

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The world will love you for your music, but, that's all it'll love you for.

Phantom of the Opera 1989 Jill Schoelen 8crxa
Phantom of the Opera 1989 Jill Schoelen
The Phantom of the Opera 1989. Song Don Juan Triumphant scene.
Music start at 0:42.

The Phantom of the Opera 1989

The exceedingly beautiful girl is Jill Schoelen, playing Christine Day.

Actual singer of Don Juan Triumphant is Nancy Fontana

Don Juan Triumphant is Composed by Misha Segal

Lyrics on “Don Juan” by Harriet Schock

Your eyes see but my shadow
My heart is overflowing
There's so much you could come to know
You're content not knowing
You could see
My soul
Here in the dark I only touch you in my dreams
But will you ever hear my heart
The way it calls to you
As if your name were branded
On the very soul of me
It's calling like a child who's lost his way
“I'm here - please say you hear me calling”
Please say you see me
Please say you hear me
Please give my heart its home
Don't leave me here all alone.
Irina Sakne - Don Juan Triumphant - Phantom of the Opera aria - Misha Segal