Leslie Howard Complete Liszt Titles

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Leslie John Howard (born 1948) is the only pianist to have recorded the complete solo piano works of Franz Liszt.

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I've listened to them all for a decade plus. Love them.

Liszt is my favorite of all piano music.

here's a interview of Leslie Howard. Extremely boring to watch though.

Leslie Howard in conversation with Melanie Spanswick

Intro to Liszt, Easy-Listening Piano Pieces

If you are new to Liszt, hear this piece, said to be the most beautiful of ALL piano music: Liszt: Un Sospiro

here's 3 of my favorites.

Yuja Wang Plays Schubert and Liszt. “Gretchen am Spinnrade” “Auf dem Wasser zu singen” Erlkönig

Liszt did a lot transcriptions of Schubert's pieces. That is, rearrange them for piano. These, are among the most beautiful pieces. They are most easy-listening, melodic, can be appreciated by everyone.

Années de pèlerinage (Years of Pilgrimage)

Liszt: Years of Pilgrimage

of all Liszt's pieces, my favorite is this one: Liszt Transcendental Etude #12

Mephisto Waltz

Liszt's Mephisto Waltz, is also popular in concerts. I don't really care this piece.

Liszt - Mephisto Waltz #1, S. 514 [André Laplante]

The Mephisto Waltz #1 is a typical example of program music, taking for its program an episode from Faust, not by Goethe but by Nikolaus Lenau (1802–50). The following program note, which Liszt took from Lenau, appears in the printed score:

There is a wedding feast in progress in the village inn, with music, dancing, carousing. Mephistopheles and Faust pass by, and Mephistopheles induces Faust to enter and take part in the festivities. Mephistopheles snatches the fiddle from the hands of a lethargic fiddler and draws from it indescribably seductive and intoxicating strains. The amorous Faust whirls about with a full-blooded village beauty in a wild dance; they waltz in mad abandon out of the room, into the open, away into the woods. The sounds of the fiddle grow softer and softer, and the nightingale warbles his love-laden song.

from Wikipedia [ Mephisto Waltzes ] [ 2016-04-19 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mephisto_Waltzes ]

Program music or programme music is a type of art music that attempts to musically render an extra-musical narrative. The narrative itself might be offered to the audience in the form of program notes, inviting imaginative correlations with the music. A classic example is Hector Berlioz's Symphonie fantastique, which relates a drug-induced series of morbid fantasies concerning the unrequited love of a sensitive poet involving murder, execution, and the torments of Hell.

Wikipedia [ Program music ] [ 2016-04-19 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Program_music ]

Liszt Sonata B minor

Liszt's Sonata in B minor, is considered as his greatest by many. I don't really care this piece.

Yuja Wang Liszt Sonata B minor

i've tried to list and rate all Liszt's pieces. Here it is, incomplete. Liszt Keyboard Music List

Leslie Howard Complete Liszt Titles

Here's a complete list of Leslie Howard CD titles.

truly, many of them you'll never have heard of, and the only place is from Leslie's CDs.

Liszt: The Complete Piano Music Buy at amazon

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