Why Xah Lee Use Multiple Domains?

By Xah Lee. Date: .

thinking of moving all my site to a single domain or, actually 3. xahlee info, org, and maybe keep porn


Here's my domain name situation and history. I had xahlee.org on y2k. And all stuff is in one domain, and am happy. Sometimes around 2005 or so, it got ban'd here or there, and later ban'd in china too, because i have occasional pic of tits or poltical talk on china issues. Mind you, very rare. Like 1 in 500 pages. And for tits, it's not anything like porn, but for example discussing censorship, or wikipedia's photo of ass with pussy editted out. So, due to the tits, the white nsfw faakheads ban'd my site. Remember, back then, there's net nanny etc and online safety of conservatives are in vogue. And it's ban'd in china because i was talking some china issues, actually am pro china, but china firewall has no eyes, any keywords get ban.

Now, year 2010, that's when am starting to die of hunger. My emacs tutorial was free, even includes a download zip, with donation ask, but nobody gives a fuck. These open source fuckheads. But plenty of downloading, cuz i have logs. I get maybe $10 or $30 donation per month for my emacs tutorial. But, in 2011, i was dying of hunger. In desperation, i want to run google ads. But, xahlee.org is ban'd by google for it. So, i start to split my stuff into diff domains.

After a few months, it's split into.

Wrote elisp code to split them. Quite a understaking actually. 3 months thinking, planing, deciding which article goes where, perhaps 40 hours actual coding and lots undo redo. Then, i put ads on them. Ergoemacs holds my emacs stuff. The ad money, is immediately 10 times more than otherwise asking donation sans ads. Ok. This is 2010 or 2011.