The Origin of Trans Calamity 2SLGBTQI

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Origin of Transgender Movement, 2023-07-12 by Christopher F. Rufo

trans origin Christopher F Rufo 2023-07-14

Origin of the Trans Calamity

trans calamity 2SLGBTQI 2023-06-03 H6HDb
trans calamity 2SLGBTQI 2023-06-03 H6HDb

The trans calamity we have today (among the western societies), i must say, begin in 90s feminism in usa.

Back then, it was asking the educated elites to add she in he/she in writing, in academia and journalism.

The powers started it with women, because they are the most malleable.

Then, they use gay men, starting in y2k. (latched onto is lesbians and bisexual for the bandwagon effect, forming LGB) Mostly a movement against the US Christians, who held power in usa for the most part. Meanwhile is the rise of the internet and new atheism movement, rotting American Christian's censorship. (you cant say faak or show skin online back then.)

Then, in 2016, Trump, an outsider, vie to be USA leader, shitshow began. This is the sjw movement. Black people are used (they always have been) with the BLM movement. And added to the LGB is T for trans. Because by now, gay powers are dried up, sodomy is certified as marriage.

Trans movement, began mild, then came the forced pronouns, then removing parent's say on their children, and now cutting off of tits and dicks of teens, erasing the word women, and also going into promoting sex with teens or younger. (it ran out of control)

Unless our tech progressed into a point of matrix, where we have a farm of artificial wombs as human livestock, this trans concept won't fly. No normal human animal will accept it, except with great force from top, as in current usa. And it'll weaken the nation, subsequently other powers will take over.

Also, with the erasing of the word women, is when, women woke up.

It is, mostly a political power struggle from the top, with many other complex reasons in usa (academia, culture). In some sense it's like the Cultural Revolution for China that lasted for a decade and with a million or so deaths.

trans calamity 2SLGBTQI 2023-06-02 6v4hS
trans calamity 2SLGBTQI 2023-06-02 6v4hS
trans calamity 2SLGBTQI 2023-06-02 2cKdV
trans calamity 2SLGBTQI 2023-06-02 2cKdV

Megyn Kelly No Longer Use “Preferred Pronouns”

Megyn Kelly Explains Why She Will No Longer Use “Preferred Pronouns” as Trans Ideology Grows
Megyn Kelly
Jun 2, 2023

California Changed Law Wording So They Can Cut off Teen Girl's Tits

colin wright cali trans law 2023-06-04
1/ In 2020, California changed insurance language on double mastectomies for gender dysphoric females from “cosmetic” to “reconstructive” to remove age limits for the surgery.
Normal breasts were reclassified as “abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects.”

Usa Government Cutting Off Teen's Tits and Dicks

(mastectomy, bottom surgery.)

Chloe Cole 2023-06-05 F3zh3
Chloe Cole 2023-06-05 F3zh3

the utmost unforgivable crime the usa gov is now doing.

Rainbow Nazi USA 2023-06-11

rainbow nazi usa 2023-06-11 kFtZw
rainbow nazi usa 2023-06-11 kFtZw

Defense giant Lockheed Martin at DC Pride march 2023-06-12

Lockheed Martin lgbt pride 2023-06-12
Defense giant Lockheed Martin at DC Pride march 2023-06-12