Chinese Technology, The Needham Question

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Now, so i was reading Needham on wikip. And there is The Needham Question.

“The Needham Question”, is this: why had China been overtaken by the West in science and technology, despite their earlier successes? In Needham's words,

“Why did modern science, the mathematization of hypotheses about Nature, with all its implications for advanced technology, take its meteoric rise only in the West at the time of Galileo?”, and why it “had not developed in Chinese civilization” which in the previous many centuries “was much more efficient than occidental in applying” natural knowledge to practical needs?

October, 1988, Needham wrote:

“Francis Bacon had selected three inventions, paper and printing, gunpowder, and the magnetic compass, which had done more than (anything else), he thought, to transform completely the modern world and mark it off from the antiquity of the Middle Ages. He regarded the origins of these inventions as ‘obscure and inglorious’ and he died without ever knowing that all of them were Chinese. We have done our best to put this record straight”.[18]

Needham's works attribute significant weight to the impact of Confucianism and Taoism on the pace of Chinese scientific discovery, and emphasises the “diffusionist” approach of Chinese science as opposed to a perceived independent inventiveness in the western world. Needham thought the notion that the Chinese script had inhibited scientific thought was “grossly overrated”.[19]

His own research revealed a steady accumulation of scientific results throughout Chinese history. In the final volume he suggests “A continuing general and scientific progress manifested itself in traditional Chinese society but this was violently overtaken by the exponential growth of modern science after the Renaissance in Europe. China was homeostatic, but never stagnant.”[17]

Apparently, after the first few paragraphs, the rest, seems propaganda by western academics basically, the western faaks, they just gonna say, oh, it's because china no democracy. Lol

Now let me address a bit on the Needham Question. First of all, i agree with some western commentators, that it's a silly question. Wikip says:

Nathan Sivin, one of Needham's collaborators, while agreeing that Needham's achievement was monumental, suggested that the “Needham question”, as a counterfactual hypothesis, was not conducive to a useful answer:

It is striking that this question – Why didn't the Chinese beat Europeans to the Scientific Revolution? – happens to be one of the few questions that people often ask in public places about why something didn't happen in history. It is analogous to the question of why your name did not appear on page 3 of today's newspaper.[20]

It's the type of question, our reaper would taken to heart, and kept asking. That is, the western white men, are intensively, obsessively, curious, about this question.

It, the question, functions as psychological soothing agent. It is, a affirmation, can be likened to, why other people wasn't as successful as me.

Now, as to the answer, it's philosophical and guessing on history, that philosophers and academics love to do, but nobody really can give a satisfactory answer, since there's no way to verify it other than philosophical argumentation.

Given that, let me give u my take. Why didn't industrial evolution happened in china, while it happened in europe and whitemen took over the world? Answer: because whitemen, by nature, are aggressive by race. Invading other countries and taking over, is in their blood. And btw, that is my answer, and given in a serious way. It has to do with DNA. Apart from cultural thinking.

u see, whitemen r afraid to dive into dna, since hitler.

2 major reasons. Cultural, and blood. Both reasons intertwine. And merge into one: the need to take over others and control.

there's degree of it, like IQ and dick size. where race comes in.

There's a degree that vary by race. u failed to get that. From what i understand, no strong opinion, is that the german race, is the most aggressive bunch, among human animals. (and English people most ugly, among white, it seems). now, i dunno what's historical or ethnic group of modern german people... But germanic or something, and something have to do with anglo saxon.

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saxons 2022-06

Wikip confirms my intuit. English people , and germans, are connected historically.

Let me phrase what am saying in a clear manner. Now, in human race and ethnicities, there's biological basis of propensities and abilities. One of such is tits size, or cock size, or brain size. We know, for example of these, of white girls, chinese girl, black men, china men. Besides IQ as behavior trait, we can consider aggression. That, is the question.

Now u stop talking and let me type. Or i stop typing.

Ok. The white men, has a wound, about race. The traditional name for this wound, is called imperialism, slavery, and hitler. Ever since, the wound won't heal. Especially in usa american. But for the usa american, they don't necessarily want it to heal. Because, they want to be king of the world, wound or not.

They, the usa americans, more specifically a throng of them, the super rich deep state, need to control and suppress the super smart german people. And also control and suppress the black people in usa. So, they, the white usa americans, created all sort bent thinking, such as black studies, blacks month, affirmative action, holocaust memorial, etc insisting and spreading it. So that, the german people, can never rise again, and the blacks in usa, r forever crippled, and also, usa can faak around in mid east cuz hitler. These throng of super rich deep state, created most of these bent thinking, and thus, it became how most american's thinking too.

Ok. Done. On the wound of white american. And also, the thing am talking about, biological look into human behavior, r taboo for white american, due to the above reasons. Race theory exist, and is good, just not the hitler one.