The Saga of Star Trek

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Borg Cube
The Borg Cube — technology at its best. “You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.”
Borg queen
The Borg Queen — a creature of fascination.
Star Trek bizarre allure
The moist glistening sheen, the softness of organic carnality, the tenderness of maternal confidence — a horror of sexual irresistibility.
Star Trek Star Trek
Borg Queen and Data kissing
The Borg Queen, in a osculating rapture with the king of androids.
Star Trek
The vulnerability and calling of a doe's neck.

Star Trek
The Son'a race, aged into ugliness with rage.
Star Trek. Son'a's howl
The howling, the losing of one's hope.
Moth ship
A beautiful moth-like spaceship, opening its wings.
Moth ship
The destruction of beauty — a speciality of homo sapiens.

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