Art Deco in Movie Batman

By Xah Lee. Date:

These are screenshots from the movie Batman (1989 film).

Gotham City
Gotham City. (See also Industrial Society and its Future by Theodore Kaczynski.)
Gotham City Atlas sculpture
A column in the guise of a man is called Atlas. In the guise of a woman is called a caryatides. (See also: milk, tits, and caryatids.)

Art Deco

gothic office
Beautiful Office. Look thru the window, the two big Roman heads. The tradeoff is that it narrows a panorama into a vista.
Vicky Vale's studio apartment. “Lots of space.” Elegantly and sparsely decorated. The steps introduces certain formality. And you also have to watch your head.
avant-garde art
Joker's abode. Avant-garde Joker, with avant-garde deco, and a avant-garde photography.
modern art
(if you know these artworks and artist's name, comment please. Thanks.)
Joker's avant-garde art
The center piece is Turin Spring (1914) by Giorgio de Chirico (1888 to 1978). The style is called Metaphysical art. (thx to [Juliane Gabriel])
A great, beautiful, mural. This style is called Art Deco. The artist is Tamara de Lempicka. (1898 to 1980).

Joker Here

Joker. “as you can see, i'm a lot happier!”
“if you have to go, go with as smile.”
Kim Basinger
Vicky Vale, starring Kim Basinger. She is a fine art by herself.

The quintessence of the attraction of Batman story is psychopathology. Batman and Joker are both freaks of the mind. All other major characters are all nutcases (Penguin, two-face, puzzler…)

never rob another man's rhubarb

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