Winston Sterzel (serpentZA) and Matthew Tye (laowhy86)

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that Winston Sterzel (aka serpentZA) and Matthew Tye (aka laowhy86) have become the biggest skums

The most ridiculous evidence of genocide in Xinjiang
Jun 20, 2021
Story of Xinjiang by Guli 古丽讲新疆

I became aware of Winston Sterzel (aka serpentZA)'s YouTube about 2015. I've watched maybe 10 of his videos. They are pretty good and fair. He lived in china for like 10 plus years, and in his videos, he give us a guide in china, the good and bad, but he basically never talk about politics. He used to say Stay Awesome, in every of his videos, as a catchphrase. But around 2019, during the HK riot, he did a about face. Bad mouthing china, and gets worse and worse. Now, he's pretty much just professional western whitemen lying skum. Every of his video is bad mouthing china, and on his twitter, hot words like racism genocide etc hangs in his mouth.

I became aware of The Matthew Tye (aka laowhy86) YouTube since about 2018. I haven't watched many of his video, maybe 4 total. But this guy, i've always found to be the typical white american, that the only correct view of the world is the white American view.

Winston Sterzel partnered with Matthew Tye around 2018, doing motorcycle tour in China (called ADVChina). and around 2019, they gang up together bad mouthing china professionally.

At first, mildly, saying how china government is bad, censorship, bad policies. Then, becomes more severe, genocide, etc. Now, it seems they became so bad that what they say is laughable for anyone not in the cult.

i wonder, what made Winston Sterzel turn 180 degrees, from a reasonable guy to a sell out.

this laowhy skum now tells people to help his wikipedia image. lol. and cite this page as proof of his existence, and calls me a wumao.

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