Russian Ukrain War 2022

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Chomsky on Russia Ukraine War

Chomsky On Russia Ukraine War

Douglas Macgregor

Douglas Macgregor 2022-03-06
Douglas Macgregor 2022-03-06

2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Macgregor appeared on three Fox News programs to speak in support of Russia's actions. Russian state television broadcast excerpts of Macgregor's appearances, which included a characterization of Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a “puppet,” that Russian forces had been “too gentle” in the early days of the invasion and that Russian president Vladimir Putin was being “demonized” by the United States and NATO. Macgregor said he believed Russia should be allowed to seize whatever parts of Ukraine it wanted. After one of his appearances, Macgregor's comments were characterized by veteran Fox News Pentagon correspondent Jennifer Griffin as “appeasement” and that he was being an “apologist” for Putin. After Griffin's remarks, Tucker Carlson -- who hosted Macgregor on two successive nights -- remarked, “Unlike many of the so-called reporters you see on television, he is not acting secretly as a flack for Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon. No, Doug Macgregor is an honest man.” Trey Gowdy, another Fox News host who interviewed Macgregor, said his viewpoint was “stunning and disappointing.”

[2022-03-03 from [] Paul Antonopoulos 🇬🇷🇨🇾 (@oulosP)]

HORRIFIC: Husband and wife tried to leave Mariupol. At a checkpoint they noticed shot bodies. When they attempted to help, the Azov Battalions shot at them.
The wife was killed and husband was wounded but now safe.
Remember the Azov are a unit of the Ukrainian Internal Ministry.

Ukraine Azov Battalion flee Mariupol 2022-03
Ukraine Azov Battalion flee Mariupol 2022-03-06 xYMq
“Dashcam footage shows citizens attempting to flee Mariupol being stopped by Ukraine's Azov Battalion, dragged out of their cars and shot dead.”
Woman Found Tortured in School Basement “Military Base” in Mariupol
Mar 27, 2022
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Mariupol Human shields (Special Report) Russia - Ukraine War
Mar 28, 2022
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Both Mariupol Frontlines Under Fire Special Report. Russia - Ukraine War
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ChatGPT says the US overthrew Ukraine's government in 2014.

“The US government backed the ousting of Ukraine's President Viktor Yanukovych in a coup that brought pro-Western leaders to power.” How many people know Obama, Biden, and Nuland ousted Ukraine's government in 2014?

chatgpt on us gov ukrain 2023-03-27 rTvqz
chatgpt on us gov ukrain 2023-03-27 rTvqz

From the perspective of artificial general intelligence, write a short essay, including bullet points, about how the IJnited States has been involved in coups and regime changes throughout history.