Andrew Bustamante, Ukrain War, CIA Spy

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Lex Fridman is low IQ. Rather a complete idiot. Andrew Bustamante was a CIA Spy, and incredibly bright.

Andrew Bustamante: CIA Spy | Lex Fridman Podcast #310
Aug 8, 2022 Andrew Bustamante is a former CIA covert intelligence officer. Check out his work and podcast at
Lex Fridman
Ex CIA Spy Reacts To Edward Snowden's Russian Citizenship
Sep 30, 2022 Former CIA spy Andrew Bustamante reacts to Edward Snowden receiving Russian Citizenship from Vladimir Putin.
Chris Williamson
Ex-CIA Super Spy Exposes Russia and China's Secret Plan Behind Ukraine Invasion | Andrew Bustamante
Premiered Feb 28, 2022 Andrew Bustamante is a former covert CIA intelligence officer and Air Force combat veteran who spent 7 years in the CIA as a clandestine operative.