Quit Smoking and E-Cig

By Xah Lee. Date:

this would be filed under the category of art! (^_^) (some rambling about smoking, quitting, my experiences)

btw, there are some these days that staunchly tell off others about smoking. Those should die. cuz they are selfish social scumbags.

unless, you also don't wine, beer, tea, coffee, and feel strongly telling off others about those. But then, you are certainly a religious nutcase, and should die too.

let me tell u my story. u'see? i don't smoke in my life. Hated it. Actually, i did when i was 16 for about a year. That's when you want to be different or adultish. But since i haven't. Until some 30 years later, that's 3 years ago. Life's path turns and twists, bobs up and down. I didn't like smoking, didn't enjoy whatever high it provides, find it stinks, but i do it as a psychological measure of self-destruction. Like, there exist people who cut themselves, y'know? That's how i started to smoke regularly. At the peak about 1 pack every 2 days.

anyhow, if you want to quit, e-cig is a great thing, a fantastic thing!

quitting is good because, well, at least you won't be dependent on it. e-cig is the best, let me explain.

here's how it works. Basically, it burns a liquid that contains nicotine. It has 3 parts: a battery, a atomizer that heats and vaporize the liquid, and the cartridge containing the liquid, usually also is the mouth piece.

there are disposable ones where you can buy for like $10. When you suck, it activates the heater (atomizer) and vaporize the liquid. You can go to youtube and see many e-cig videos, some about quitting smoking.

for me, once i got e-cig, i've not smoked anymore. And, it seems to be the case for whole lots of people.

scientifically, e-cig is much better health-wise than smoking, because smoking actually burns stuff and creates lots of other shit.

but the thing about c-cig, for programers, is that it's elegant and efficient! Instead of a cig where you have to light up with fire, burns, creates ashes, and the ugly and stinking cig butt, you just have this pen-like gadget. For a efficiency nerd like myself, this aspect alone is a obsession to not light up cigarette anymore! Inefficiency can't be allowed here!

also, for me, i wasn't addicted to nicotine. I use e-cig much like a toy. I think the first week, i felt fidgety and when i do i suck on the e-cig. But now, i don't feel the need to regularly suck it. I think the habit was mostly the physical activity of creating fire and burn the cig and taking a walk. I do that every morning when waking up, and walk outside for 5 min. I stopped doing that.

i'm not actually sure i'll buy another e-cig. Maybe, but i think i'm cured!

I am cured!