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world's largest annual human migration. sounds right.

video clip showing massive number of china bullet trains

sold out. they always sold out.

(Cassie Jaye post going to Jordan Peterson and Dave Rubin's talk in San Jose.)

year 2009. i have tens of articles, projects... lots stuff, history, dead sites, google code, emacs happenings..., politics. Many are interesting in hindsight or revisit. it's, called zeithgeist. am not gonna spent the time to post them. you can find them on my blog archive...

dosage 2009 w4zz7
dosage 2009 w4zz7

woke. begins toil and moil in the field of computing for the day. the debilitating hardship, makes u fat and lazy and blind to reality.

50 Years Ago, Sugar Industry Quietly Paid Scientists to Blame Fat. True. and if you upper class American, most of what you know and believe today are shaped by big corporations, including, your zeal for open source.

how to be independent thinker? get rid of your tv. Then, no follow anyone popular, mainstream. (eg pop reddit/hackernews) (but dnt become a idot n believe lizard man as many 4chan types became.) read classic literature, history, helps. refuse any info that comes to ur door

strive to accept info, any info, ONLY when you initiated the inquiry. typically so-called “research” today, even if it's just 10 min web search. (and of course, no use google, as it's a fine-tuned fodder now.)

example: if you on twitter following any mainstream news, unfollow now. Also, that popular architect photo thing? unfollow. Celebrities, coders? unfollow. hackernews/reddit? unfollow. corp blog? ditch. and stop clicking like/retweet. Type your thoughts, interact with people instead.

this, chinese new year thing, is a big thing. it's like xmas in usa, except that less these days, and is by plane. In china, it's mostly by train cuz cheaper. Ticket often got sold out months before. I learned these while mixing in china programer forums 3 yrs ago.

The tibet, tibet “buddism”, before china communist party opened it. 中國中共解放前的西藏密宗(藏傳佛教)世界,人皮、人骨和人肉!西方所謂的西藏傳統文化 李敖讲过喇嘛教是邪教。妈了个屄,是这个样子的。什么都是人皮。

skull sculpture 2019-01-18 s4mq6
skull sculpture 2019-01-18 s4mq6

that's sculpture from human skull. Tibet “Buddhism” is into that. there are lots of them, made into different objects. bowl, staff head, hanging talisman, incense holder, … see starting at 4:35

Bertrand Russell on Tibet b7rtf
Bertrand Russell on Tibet b7rtf

李敖有话说 Li Ao on Tibet and Dalai Lama

modern society, say usa, shy away from such historical things as human skull sculpture. it's not obscure, rather, you find such, in history a lot, eg flaying in famous painting. modern society, u shun them, shush, no talk, be nice. as result, most people, knew nothing.

most of the time, you find these things in context such as “10 horrors human has done”, with questionable history like a gossip mag. if you talk about them sans such circus context, people shun you, orgs ban u. White americans in particular, has been educated so that they'd think ur unethical.

modern society, say usa, is such that everything is like disneyfied. It got much worse since say 2010 by the millen idots, with mantra of “help the world”, mixed with evil corporatism by techheads. they even knew less bout history/culture. they just certain tech will make utopia.

what does white american know? they just know about nz. it's nz today, nz morrow, nz day n night. ask them what atrocities besides nz happened in history? they dunno. they'll tell you to watch nz documentary about how evil it is.


the latest culture war is something about gillete. now, not sure what's the news, best thing to do is just to go to duckduckgo and search gillet breitbart.

#GilletteAd is running a propaganda. People, possibly forgive, never forget. Write it down. Remember it, in 5 years, or 10 years, if we didn't perish.

Gillette is a brandname owned by Procter & Gamble, which sells basically everything, from snacks to soap. boyscotte it will do little. Its 2017 revenue is 65 billion, 15 billion net profit. in comparison, google is 110 B and net profit 12 B.

in heavy capitalist countries such as usa, you have brandnames, e.g. #Gillette . the purpose is that, if it screwed up, no problem, just ditch it. No harm to the company behind it. you don't even know what company runs it. A new brand name will just pop up.

spaces vs tabs. and there exist idiots who watch tv show about coding. yeah. THAT, 'd be a lol. you wanna know what nerds are like? this is a live demo.

Donald Trump signature tgfxr
Donald Trump signature tgfxr

when life's too comfy, u have these symptoms. a taste of hunger, cures it.

Paraguay map mgskv-2
Paraguay map mgskv-2

i lived in Asuncion, Paraguay, and Guademala, in 1982, 83, age 14. I wonder, if i Google Street drop in, i'd recognize a thing.

Paraguay map mgskv-2
Paraguay map mgskv

The Father of Chinese Nuclear Bomb Yu Min 于敏

this is the guy 于敏 Yu Min Yu Min (physicist)

he won China's “两弹一星功勋奖章” “2 bombs 1 star medal”. The “2 bombs” means, nuclear bomb and inter-continent missile, and the “star” means satellite.

there it is, china's nuclear bomb.

only the strong, gets respect. From nuclear bomb among nations to social relations. that's fundamental principle of physics.

Google YouTube search censorship on pro-life

singing songs for the poor and miserable makes you feel good

the disabled doing great feat, is a common propaganda form for well fed people of modern society. In usa for example, we see it like every month for the past 10 years.

Does it do the disabled any good? no. but if everytime you see it, you give 5 bucks to someone stupid you know and dislike. that makes a diff.

sadness box guy 007

the hate will not go away, the wound wouldn't heal. haven't been posting much in past week. busy parsing org mode, emacs tutorial, maintaining my website 9 thousands articles. and haven't kept on math daily. God, h-make me!


report from @Timcast . subscribe his channel

. @Timcast 's youtube channel is really confusing. He has 2 on politics. One is timpool and another is timcast, however, each's user name is the other. lol. He says, one is more about plain news reporting, while the other is more with his opinions. i can't tell the difference.

the sjgang today, is basically like the Nz gang, nothing else comes close (maybe except the Red Guards of Cultural Revolution). ideology, blatant lie, propaganda, organized elite (aka rich n powerful).

while the sjgang are doing stuff to empower themselfs, they are devastating their (my) country, America, and Europe. Similar to Cultural Revolution of China have.

YouTube subscription list.

no trust google managing it for you.

manually list them, manually check them regularly.

NativLang, on linguistics

WeAreChange. independent journalist. political commentary. but i don't like this guy's style

Acts17Apologetics. David Wood

Cassie Jaye. the Red Pill documentary maker.

CGP Grey. factual stuff.

chyrosran22. keyboard key switch expert

lots more. have yet to type them out.

[Thoughtcrime and Punishment: A Year Of Shunning and Law Suits at a Canadian University By Lindsay Shepherd. At ]

so Tesla is opening a giga factory in China great news. while in usa, the sjgang skumsis fkgthingsup n smearing the guy

China propaganda war. Falungong, China Uncensored, vs Confucius Institute the last one is news to me.

it's interesting, this old hackernews bot stopped posting since 2011, or, it deleted past posts since

hackernews bot stopped in 2011 2019-01-06 7784a
hackernews bot stopped in 2011 2019-01-06 7784a
hackernews 18831807 2019-01-06 e0428
why emacs keys are painful. on hackernews

one some hackernews twitter bot, e.g. you wonder what filter they use. because some articles do not show. e.g. this one i haven't seen one that says the criteria used for repost. They might do sensor, fillter out colors.

on hackernews. why emacs keys are painful.

operation chock point

2 reports, drastically different headlines. Judge which is click bait?

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, a Idiot Vanguard Bar None

Nick Monroe's threads

everytime i read Nick Monroe's thread, something very dark and sinister is going on. want to ignore because a basic look into will take hours, but ignoring it is like taking a happy pill.

“In this thread I am going to explain the circumstances around the disappearance of @PeterSweden7 ” “As you can see here, he disappeared at the beginning of December 2018, and hadn't resurfaced until today.”


Bernie Coward

idiotic Bernie. Coward. i rooted for him. Then he got fkd by Clinton skum, n dnt have the courage to standup. since, he kept babbling in the background. to solve the climate problem, 1st u've convince people. Keep pushing left ideology won't do.